Standard Machine Tools SMT is a company which deals in manufacturing of all types of Engraving and Marking machines and Profile projectors. The company also deals in to manufacturing of all types of plasctic, rubber and metallic parts/mouldings used in auto companies,electronic equipments. The company is manufacturer and supplier for all types of scientific apparatuses like Fortin's Barometers, vernier callipers,lab equipments and centrifuge machines etc. The company was found in the mid 1980's. The company has installed more than 10,000 engraving machines across the globe.

The company has step in to telecom and communication Networking sector by delivering many products in recent past used in mobile towers networking and metro railways networks(Like BTS kits,Label sets, Plastic mouldings, U-clamps)

Standard group has a company by the name of Standard Enraving and Graduation Works which deals in all types of engraving and graduation job works for sclaes, dip rods,microscopes etc. Visit Http:// for more info.

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