Stamp! - ItaloBrothers Album

Stamp! is the debut studio album from German Dance Project ItaloBrothers (Zacharias Adrian, Kristian Sandberg, Matthias Metten). The Album was released under Zooland Records, who also have similar style artists under contract such as Cascada. The album was set to be released in November 2010. However, the release date was confirmed to be December 10th 2010. The band, founded in 2005, have only previously released singles on vinyl, legal-internet download or on dance compilations from Germany or Italy, with the single So Small as an exception. The Album itself includes the bands smash hits "Stamp On The Ground", "Love Is On Fire", "So Small" and their new song for 2010, "Radio Hardcore". The Album also includes some lesser known tracks and new material, such as "Underwater World".


No. Track Artist Length
1 Stamp On The Ground ItaloBrothers 03:18
2 Love Is On Fire ItaloBrothers 03:23
3 Radio Hardcore ItaloBrothers 03:09
4 Upside Down ItaloBrothers 03:33
5 Underwater World ItaloBrothers 03:05
6 Colours Of The Rainbow ItaloBrothers Vs. Tune Up! 03:28
7 Heaven ItaloBrothers Vs. Manian) 03:38
8 So Small (Dance Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers 03:16
9 Counting Down The Days (Cascada Radio Edit) ItaloBrothers 03:15
10 It Must Have Been Love ItaloBrothers 03:12
11 The Moon ItaloBrothers 03:21
12 Put Your Hands Up In The Air ItaloBrothers 03:08
13 Where Are You Now? ItaloBrothers 03:07
14 Moonlight Shadow ItaloBrothers 03:08
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