Stadium is the upcoming, fourth studio album by Senegalese singer-songwriter Akon, due on March 2013, via Universal Records and Konvict Music. It is Akon's first studio album in over five years. The album was originally slated for release in 2010, with the release date being pushed back a number of times, before the confirmation of release was made in May 2012. It was previously scheduled to be released on September 11, 2012, but after the delay, Akon confirmed that the album will be release in March 2013.


Work on the album began in late 2008, with Akon travelling to Jamaica to work with Damian, Julian & Stephen Marley. In July 2009, reports began to surface suggesting that Akon's fourth studio album would be entitled Stadium Music, and that it was slated for a March 2010 release, preceded by the lead single in January. When the release of the reported lead single did not appear, reports began to suggest that the release of the album had been put back to November, with the lead single now set to drop in September. These reports proved to be correct, as on September 14, 2010, the album's lead single, "Angel", was released to radio stations across the United States, before being released via digital download on September 27, 2010. The track was produced by French producer David Guetta. Akon performed the song live for the first time during the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. However, shortly after the live premiere, a planned physical release of the single was cancelled, and filming on a proposed music video was also postponed, after Akon himself "pulled the plug" on the release, suggesting that due to his record label, Konvict/Universal going through a restructuring phase, he wasn't prepared to let any album or single go for release until they had "pulled themselves together".

News on the release of the album went quiet for several months, with no reports of when the album was now scheduled for release. It was highly speculated amongst fans that the release of the album had been cancelled altogether, until April 2012, when a brand new track, "Hurt Somebody", featuring rapper French Montana, surfaced online. The track was soon serviced to radio stations as the album's second official single, and a music video premiered just days later, directed by major film director Gil Green, becoming Akon's first official solo music video in nearly four years. Billed as the "kick start" for the promotion of Akon's fourth studio album, the track was also described by Billboard as "a strategic design to broaden Montana's reach into the United States and Europe". Shortly after the release of the music video, re-listed the album for pre-order, confirming it's title as Stadium, and setting a release date of September 11, 2012. On May 28, 2012, Akon premiered the album's third official single, "America's Most Wanted", at the Miss America 2012 competition in Las Vegas. During his appearance he confirmed the release of "America's Most Wanted" as a single on July 16, and re-confirmed the release of "Stadium" for September 11.

In addition to the video for "Hurt Somebody", Akon will begin working on a film entitled "One More Day" with Green, where he will play a young boxer living on the street. During an interview with Billboard, he suggested plans to re-release Stadium at some point in 2013, with "One More Day" accompanying it as a straight-to-DVD release. After appearing on "American Idol" and VH1's "Behind The Music," it would appear Akon is setting the stage well for "Stadium", an album that he describes as "a piece of everything... this big, huge event looking to gather people from all over the world."

Confirmed Tracks

  • "Angel" (Aliaune Thiam, David Guetta, Sandy Wilhelm, produced by David Guetta) - 3:35
  • "Freaky"(Aliaune Thiam)
  • "Refound You"(Aliaune Thiam)
  • "Island"(Aliaune Thiam, Don Omar)
  • "America's Most Wanted" (Aluaine Thiam, Carl Falk, Nadir Khayat, Teddy Sky, Rami Yacoub, produced by RedOne) - 3:39
  • "One In the Chamber"
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