Marcelo Samuel Berman and Newton C.A. da Costa have conjectured that a physical system in not chaotic, if small perturbations in its initial state do not originate large variations in its future behavior. According to our discussion, the Robertson-Walker´s Universe, with or without rotation, is locally and globally stable under the three criteria,bellow. 1.Since a physical system shows a tendency to decay into its state of minimum energy,the first criterion, states that the system is stable, if it should not be able to collapse into a series of infinitely many possible negative levels of energy;there should be a minimum level,usually zero-valued,which is possible for the physical system being considered. 2.A system is stable, if the matter inside it,must not possibly be created out of nothing,or, else,the bodies should have positive energy. 3.A system is stable, if "small" disturbances should not alter a state of equilibrium.In this case, the system should return without external help, to its original equilibrium state.

As its total energy is zero, we conjecture that this type of Universe is not globally chaotic, and that the three criteria for stability imply that any such system cannot be globally chaotic altogether. We remark nevertheless, that because Einsteins field equations are non-linear, chaos is not forbidden in a local sense.[1]


  1. Berman, Marcelo Samuel; da Costa, Newton C.A. da Costa (2012), On The Stability Of Our Universe, Journal of Modern Physics Vol. 3, 1211 - 1215. DOI: 10.42346/jmp.2012.329156 (
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