Sri Lankan Memes (initiated on 26th February 2012) is a Facebook fan page that is widely considered as the origin of Meme culture in Sri Lanka. It is notoriously acclaimed in several Print and Electronic Media such as Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) (SL Memes) and Carlton Sports Network (CSN) program music runway (Latest craze in Sri Lanka). Sri lankan memes is arguably the fan page with highest percentage of fan contributed content.[1]


Sri Lankan Memes was initiated on February 26th, 2012 by as of 13th June 2012 unknown personal who uses the name JDS. He is a Sri Lankan said to be studying and working in Toronto. JDS was said feeling Homesick for the loss of Sri Lankan Humour. He created a fan page for two reasons - namely 1. Localized memes were becoming more popular by the day 2. The need for a Platform where “an average Sri Lankan could present their view or ideas which had something to do with Sri Lanka in way that everybody could understand and appreciate”[1].

Flow and popularity

His idea was accepted unique and was shared among many sri lankan facebook users soon. JDS states “We're thrilled with the response so far”. He continues, “In the first 24 hours it was created with only a few memes uploaded, we reached 285 likes! in less than a week the page had hit 1000 likes, and now(3rd June 2012) has over 19000 of them. A long way to come in just three months.”[1] As of 13th June 2012, total likes on the page is above 22000.


Sri Lankan Memes initially had only JDS as an administrator. But later this proved difficult. In his words JDS says “I have a life too. So I contacted some of the page’s most dedicated fans, and asked them if they’d like to help with the running of the page. Potential admins were selected based on how active they were, whether they behaved in a respectable manner, and if they could make a contribution.”[1] The page now proceeds with the dedicated contributions of these administrators but they haven't yet disclosed the real names -Shiffani Reffai is an exception-. But few uses stage names for editive purposes -most have said to be using their real initials.[2] Amsol said this anonymity is to avoid unwanted publicity. The administrators are namely as follows.


He does the most of moderating, translating and filtering as he's fluent in all three languages spoken in Sri Lanka, he speaks out when something goes wrong and names himself as “site’s own version of a troubleshooting department”.[1]


An easily likeable character who gets along with everyone, is said to be the PR manager, due to his connections almost everywhere.[1]


The administrator for reviewing and quality moderation; noted as “the lady who is the most diplomatic out of the lot”.[1]


The the site’s talent scout administrator as he brings forward the best of memes for sharing, and is the most in-tune with popular culture in Sri Lanka. It's said he is also the youngest out of the lot.[1]


The administrator very much behind the scenes, as he prefers to do most of the administration work rather than commenting on memes. He is referred to as the site’s civil department.[1]


The administrator for handling graphic designs. Responsibility for many of the custom designs created for SL Memes is held by him.[1]


The administrator for handling ICT work. He, with AA, handles the site's technical and creative design aspects.[1]


The legal portion behind the system is managed by her. She helps with the copyrighting and legal aspect of things -very important as the site is occasionally known to direct humour towards popular figures. She also helps One Love with the administratin aspect of these things.[1]

Shiffani Reffai

The only person who declare herself an SL Meme administrator. She's a university student studying in Delhi. She explains the basics as “We try to keep the place hate-free, as least political as possible, and more relevant to Sri Lankan culture. It’s a space for Sri Lankans to network and have some good-natured fun!”[1]

Other Notable people

Indrajith Gamage

Indrajith Gamage is a long standing fan of sri lankan memes. He contributed to the page by posting a detailed article on wikipedia. He also shared the trick to bring back the page to normal when a facebook glitch prevented fans from posting memes.[3]

Progress and Current Situation

Sri Lankan memes vastly rely on memes that are created by fans and posted on their wall. Administrators usually share the most liked or/and productive memes back on their wall. As of 13th June 2012 the total memes contributed by fans has exceeded 5300. The fan base had a quicker growth recently due to the publicity by sunday times magazine and sports runway program. Some fans are noted to have rapidly posted memes that amount to hundreds a month. The recent program music runway named Sri Lankan Memes as a craze due to this major fan contribution.[2]


Other than for usual facebook terms, Sri Lankan Memes give users special guidelines when creating memes. Most notable guidelines are as follows.

Meme maker

1. Should be related to Sri Lanka. 2. No hate speech other than humour. 3. Should be original content and not copied from somewhere else. 4. Shouldn't be just a picture. 5. Should be a meme or a rage comic.


1. Only trolling is allowed, no hate speech. Administrators decide the limit. 2. Should be related to the post.


Sri Lankan Memes have their own way of awarding fans for loyality and support. In a recently introduced concept the administrators have decided to medal the posts that gets 1000 likes or more with a Golden Meme award. This is actually a repost by an administrator after pasting a special medal picture on the meme. This awarded memes go to a specially created folder that lists the awarded memes. As of 13th June 2012, a total of 44 memes were awarded Golden meme award.


Sri Lankan memes has a motto of TOGETHER WE TROLL, DIVIDED WE GET TROLLED which proves to be a good concept of strengthening ties between races and religions in Sri Lanka.


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