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Spyro A New Beginning Series 1 is a TV series. The Game "The Legend Of Spyro A new Begging" and others has been transferred to a TV Series. It has episodes and a bit different from the video game. This Show was only filmed in Australia ABC3 Channel only not in other countries like in UK CBBC Channel. It has been rewarded at the TV Series Video Game Rewards and Spyro A New Beginning Series 1 has been rewarded 3rd place. Directors of Summer in Transylvania, Sadie J, Dani's House and The Legend of Dick and Dom has been told to direct a new TV Series call "Spyro A New Beginning Series 1". The first series of Spyro A new beginning was filmed in April 2011 and was released in July 2012. There will be more series like: Spyro A New Beginning Series 2, Spyro The Eternal Night Series 1, Spyro The Eternal Night Series 2, Spyro Returns From Dawn of the Mountain, Spyro Dawn of the Dragon Series 1, Spyro Dawn of the Dragon Series 2, Legend Of Spyro Continues, Spyro and Cynder Mystery of Ruins of Warfang, Spyro and Cynder The Black Dragon, Spyro and Cynder Secret of the 16 Elements, Spyro and Cynder A New Life, Spyro and Cynder The Battle of the 5 Dragons, Skylanders Spyro's Journey, Skylanders The Giants Return, Cynder Alone in the World, Dragons of Mists Time, Dragons Day to Modern Days, Legend of Cynder Returns to the Temple, The Legend Of Cynder Reconstructed Lair, The Legend Of Cynder Curse of the Purple Dragon and Spyro Crystal Of Ragathastil. There will be more series coming out in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The 16 Elements

( 8 Each )


Fire - Spyro's first element was fire. He can do Fire bursts, Fire Storm and Fire Charge. This element was a gift from Ignitus.

Electricity - Spyro's second element was electricity but also known as lightning. He can do Lightning Bolt, Electric Wave and Electric Shooter. Gift from Volteer.

Earth - Spyro's third element was earth. This element is really powerful and it effects things that are not nature. Gift from Terrador.

Ice - Spyro's fourth and last element from the Main Series. Shoots out sharp ice glass and freezes you into a ball. Gift From Cyril.

Life - Spyro's fifth and New element. It was from skylanders and it was used in alot of ways. Similar to Earth. Gift from Stealth Elf

Air - Spyro's sixth element. He can do tornado, wind storm and a cyclone. Gift from Sonic Boom

Curse - Spyro's seventh element. A dangerous element. One Shot One Kill. A really RARE ELEMENT. Gift from Kaos

Magic- Spyro's eighth and final element. Magic is also rare and Spyro's natural element. Gift from the Chronicler.


Wind - Cynder's first element. Can do Tornadoes, Big Waves and Wind Blaster. Gift from Warnado

Poison - Cynder's second element. This element is similar to curse and it is also gifted from Kaos.

Fear - Cynder's third element. Scary Element that if you go near it you will have nightmares for 10 weeks. Gift from Hermit

Shadow - Cynder's fourth and last element from the Main Series. If you go near it, everything you will see is darkness. Gift from Hunter

Water - Cynder's fifth and New element. Can do tsunamis, water blaster and waterfall eruption. Gift from Gill Grunt

Tech - Cynder's sixth element. Can re-construct machines, build machines and make weapons. Gift from Trigger Happy

Heal - Cynder's seventh element. Good power. Only can heal people and animals but can also can do re-carnation. Gift from Chronicler.

Undead - Cynder's eight and last element. Rise enemies from the undead and put them on the good side. A gift from evil purple dragon Malefor

Bonus Abilities:

Spyro's Abilities

Speed - When Spyro finds a red crystal, Spyro and has the ability to run faster.

Balance - When Spyro finds a green crystal, Spyro has the ability to keeps him balance.

Aim - When Spyro finds a hot pink crystal, Spyro has the ability have accurate aiming.

Strength - When Spyro finds a brown crystal, Spyro is strong and furious. (This ability Spyro already has it at the 1st episode)

Stamina - When Spyro finds a purple crystal, Spyro has the ability to do multi tasking like can do more than element.

Intelligence - When Spyro finds a blue crystal, Spyro has the ability to solve puzzles and mystery challenges.

Protection - When Spyro finds a triple colour which are red, purple and green crystal, Spyro has the ability to protect himself and others.

Cynder's Abilities

Re-resurrection - Brings back people back to life. Orange Crystal

Bravery - In dark caves, Cynder can push herself towards it. Black Crystal

Creative - Cynder brainstorms some ideas through out the series. White Crystal

Light - Cynder has the ability to use light when everything is dark and she can't see. Yellow Crystal

Intelligence - Cynder has the ability to solve problems. Indigo Crystal

Protection - Protect the whole world. Triple colour crystal: Purple, Green and Orange.



The rare purple dragon. He has travel to different places and even darkest places. Cynder as well an evil purple dragon Malefor and also Spyro are the only dragons that can master more than 1 element. In a few series later Spyro marries Cynder living in a perfect dimensional world.


Also a rare purple dragon but only introduced in Spyro Returns From the Mountain Of Malefor. Cynder can also master more than 1 element and before she was evil and wicked because Malefor used her. Since Malefor has been defeated, Cynder has fully been turned in to the good side.


Spyro's best friend is Sparks. When ever Spyro needs help or when lost, Sparks is the person to help him. Sparks is now 95% trustworthy to Cynder.


Introduced in Spyro Dawn of the Dragon Series 1. Also a helper and a sidekick. Whenever the 2 dragons need help, Meadow is also the person to help them. Introduced in the Valley of Avalar.

The 3 Dragons

The 3 dragons are Cyril, Volteer and Terrador. There used to be 4 dragons which was Ignitus but dies in the Dawn of the Dragon Series 2. In the first series of a new beginning, the 3 dragons (or 4) were introduced. Those are the advice helpers.


An evil ape and the king of apes. He was a boss in Spyro the Eternal Night Series 2. He tries to make an eclipse to make the world fall in darkness.


One of the first purple rare dragons. Can only master 3 elements that are Fire, Ice and Wind. This was the worst evil enemy Spyro and Cynder has faced. Spyro and Cynder work they way through to defeat Malefor. At the end the world was kinda ended since the ancestor dragons defeated him at the end of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon Series 2.


<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep1" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">1</th><td>1</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"A New Beginning" </td><td>Dez McCarthy</td><td>Gary Parker</td><td>3rd of April 2011</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #000080" colspan="6"> When the temple crashed, Ignitus place spyro's egg in a nest and sailed it away. Later are family of dragonflies found him and decided to keep him. 5 years later, Spyro has grew up and Sparks and Spyro are best friends. But how will Spyro feel when he finds out that he has been adopted and where his true place was? </td></tr> <tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2"><th scope="row" id="ep2" style="text-align: center; background:#F2F2F2">2</th><td>2</td> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;">"The Journey Begins" </td><td>Paul Robinson</td><td>Elijah Wood</td><td>6th if April 2011</td></tr><tr><td class="description" style="border-bottom:3px solid #000080" colspan="6"> When Spyro finds about where his original homeplace was, he begins his quest until he meets a red fire breathing dragon name "Ignitus". He learns more information and just then a really scary dragon flies on top of him. </td></tr> {{Episode list
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