Welcome to Spring of Islam Conference, On 11, 12, 13th January, 2013 at Nizam College Ground,Hyderabad, A.P.INDIA.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Greater Hyderabad has decided to hold a massive Three Day Conference under the central theme "SPRING OF ISLAM".Schedule to be held on 11,12 & 13th January 2013.This event is creative and going to be a unique.with an expected participation of 25000 delegates. In this regard we are inviting International,National dignitaries who have made a huge and invaluable contribution for HUMANITY and ISLAM we would like to invite you to this conference. We are coming up with parallel sessions tailor to specific professions, so an individual would get to hear from the hard core people from their profession.Islam is not a mere religion of worship, but a complete way of life. This conference would help an individual to revitalize their faith as well help them how can they became a practical Da’ee. They would come to know Islam is not an alternative religion to attain peace in life but a complete guidance.

SPRING OF ISLAM World lately has been devoid of peace, harmony and justice. Materialistic thoughts have reduced human being to a “pleasure seeking animal” and basic human values have become extinct. Nations have become selfish, the powerful are crushing, exploiting the week. Justice has lost its meaning and oppression has become the only way for powerful to retain their power. All this disturbance is because the humanity has knowingly or unknowingly, ignored the teachings of Almighty and the world today is steady on its way to destruction. Islam since the beginning of human history has been the WAY OF LIFE endorsed by Almighty. It’s very meaning is “surrendering to the will of Almighty”. It also means “peace”. This signifies that one can achieve real peace of body and mind only through submission and obedience to God. Such a life of obedience brings with it peace of the heart and establishes real peace in society at large. Islam also is a complete way of life which not only guides an individual on the spiritual and moral front, but also provides the humanity at large a complete economic, societal, political, educational system of life. Islam through its comprehensive teachings has shown the world how a peaceful, welfare state can be established, where human beings could lead a life of happiness and harmony. In the recent past there has been a steady and silent revolution, across the globe, which is indicative of a SPRING OF ISLAM in the making. Humanity frustrated with manmade laws is slowly embracing Islam – The Divine Way of Life– Islam as a complete way of life can solve all the burning problems of humanity. It’s time for us to: • Develop faith in Almighty and confidence in Islam. • Understand, practice and preach Islam in its entirety. • Prove that Islam as the only solution to the sobbing humanity. JIH, a principled organization has been striving for establishment of Islam and is preaching Islam’s teaching through all permissible means. In this regard, a massive conference will be organized between 11-13th Jan 2013, to propagate Islamic message of Peace, Progress and Prosperity. A journey of thousand miles has to begin with a single step. May this conference prove out to be that humble step towards Spring of Islam.

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