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Blanked pages

We don't get every page - pages on Wikipedia for less than an hour will very likely be missed; and some pages we don't upload (for example, if it is automatically identified as being a copyright violation or having other serious problems). For more information, see Speedy deletion Wiki:Archive.

Recently deleted

A search might not find a recently deleted page.

  • When everything is working well, there is a gap of about 36 hours between a page being deleted on Wikipedia and appearing on Speedy deletion Wiki. If the upload system gets stuck uploading a large page or something else goes wrong, the delay can rise to several days.
  • We re-index our search facility once a week. If the page was deleted in the last week, it might not appear in the search results.

Old pages

Speedy deletion Wiki has only been running since June 6, 2012. Pages deleted before then won't be here, but may be on the Internet Archive.