Antonio N.Sabas is an American politician, [1]
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Antonio Sabas is an American Politician, published author and a disabled veteran of the United States military and has served in many capacities for his country the United States of America. With my lifelong passion for the cultural sciences, I have developed an interest in the sustainable development theory of cultural diversity, sustainable inclusion and social justice.   As a diplomat and as a politician Antonio felt that his success was indicative to his ability to adapt, learn and engage the truth within the blurred lines of legislative policy ineffectiveness towards community development. His interest is a direct correlation of his leadership, life experiences, education and military training that he has developed over the years that have gained him incredible success globally. He has also received awards for his dedication on improving the well-being communities and his community involvement. 

Antonio have received awards and recognition from the New Jersey Senate Assembly in a Joint Legislative Resolution for his participation of the Spirit of Peace program that pays tribute to distinguished d African American leaders,   The Danny Glover Humanitarian Power of Dream Award, The New York Senate Exemplary Citizen Citation honoring and acknowledging him during the Miss CARICOM International Foundation CIP Inc.

Moreover, the fact that Antonio’s ongoing pursuit to bridge the gap between government and citizens’ concerns. Although, Antonio’s leadership approach may seem calculated and his insightful research diligent and with purpose, these significant leadership traits rest solely on his extraordinary abilities to transfer knowledge to educate present and future youths as global leaders.


Antonio N. Sabas has also co-authored one publication:

  • ‘History of the Middle East’



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