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2014 - Aug 30 : we are now including articles from the Declined_Article For Creation_submissions category, people who have tried to have articles created but rejected.

2014- Nov 7 - New Domains

We have set up the scripts for them.

Privacy statement

If you would like to have an article about you removed, just write on this page DeletionRequests or send me a message on this wiki.



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Did you ever have a wikipedia article you worked on deleted and did not have a backup? Did you feel frustrated like me? you are in the right place. Did you ever search for some local band, your favorite author, actor or theory and did not find anything on it in wikipedia? you are in the right place. Well now we have a backup of articles that will be deleted. My script ( runs every ten minutes and collects all articles that are in danger of being deleted.

Help out!

You are invited to help research these articles, basically what I am doing is looking for the person in question, on twitter, facebook, websites and contacting them, asking them to contribute more info to the article. Make sure to check out our Blog:Recent_posts .

Feel free to add in pictures, videos, links and categories. I aim to make this wiki a place for what wikipedia considers "non-notable" so lets make it look good.

I hope to take thes articles and use them to feed into other wiki sites and also / with business data.

This wiki is not wikipedia, but a collection of creative commons data, so add what you own yourself and are willling to licence under creative commons. See also the disclaimer.

All articles that are attacking people personally, or just random junk pages, or ones that promote violence or illegal things will be deleted. Keep it clean!
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Contact :

For the speedydeletion wikia, we have the following accounts:


Importing now from the

Technical Details

A new version of the bot is in progress that works in near real time. See the write up here : see Code here :

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See the disclaimer : Speedy_deletion_Wiki:Disclaimer
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is this all you see on wikipedia when you are writing about your favorite band?

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