Speed LImit

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Speed Limit is a band from San Antonio Texas and is made out of 3 members. Speed Limit's genre is Alternative Rock and Hardcore.

Speed Limit's biggest crowds consist of a maximum of three people at the time, yet Speed Limit's popularity is growing buy the numbers due to the energy the Limit's give out during their performances.


  • Luke Salas (guitarrist/backup vocals/screams)
  • Rigo Nivarra (bass/vocals)
  • Micheal Rojas (drums)

Luke Salas: Guitarist for Speed Limit and also does backup vocals and screams for the band. All of the bands song include the same 4 chords over and over again, D A Bm G, which are Salas' only chords that he knows of. Luke Salas dropped out of school due to his lack of interest and his passions for making music. Luke's inspirations are Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon and Cannibal Corpse. Salas' choice of instruments is a guitar.

Rigo Nivarra: Bassist and vocalist of speed Limit, he is the songt of local t.v star Raulito Nivarra. Rigo plays both bass and sings at the same time, which is asstonishing to do.

Micheal Rojas: Drummer for Speed Limit, he also goes by the alias of Cakes. Cakes is a master at hacking Facebook accounts of hot girls and such. Cakes wears snapbacks due the mainstream media that snapbacks present in the youth and famous musicians.

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