Spamfish is a video games caster who casts on Twitch.Tv. He casts many games including: Binding of Isaac, World of Warcraft and a variety of open world games.

He used to play Sims 3, but one unfortunate day, he decided to fix a hole in one of the walls. It all went downhill from there... He then somehow managed to delete his save file, because he was that angry with the game. This worked out in spam's favour, because if any one ever asks him "do you play Sims?" he can just say to them "no, my save file got corrupted"

Spamfish likes to think he is good at videogames, as he calls himself a 'MLG supa pro gaming baws 1337 hax0r'... This is clearly not an accurate representation on the skill level he possess.

I could say that spam is one of the best gamers have ever seen... but I would be lying, and that is not in my nature.

The one person Spam admires, is Scott Parker. Spam has dreamed of kicking a football around with him, ever since he was an egg. I hope for Scotty's sake, this dream doesnt come true...

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