Soule Hall
Established: 1893
Number of Faculty: 3
Number of Students: 40
Number of Rooms: 25

Soule Hall is a boy's residence hall on the North Side of campus at Phillips Exeter Academy. It was built in 1893. Soule is the only dormitory with spiral staircases, which were put in place with the intention of preventing riots by allowing any sounds to reverberate and intensify throughout the dormitory. Soule Hall houses 40 male students, two teachers, one intern. The dormitory is notable for its long-lasting rivalry with Abbot Hall (Phillips Exeter Academy), as well as its occasional disputes with Peabody Hall, Langdell Hall, and Wheelwright Hall. Soule residents are referred to as "Soulemates", "Soule-diers", and most commonly, "The Fine Gentlemen of Soule Hall."


The current proctor team is composed of Jackson Crook, Benjamin Mountain, Andreas Robinson, Jack Russ, and Zachary Young. Currently, the teachers living in the dorm are Mr. Sea, Ms. Tomlinson, and Mr. Caldwell. Dormitory affiliates are Mr. Mallinson, Mr. Weatherspoon, and Ms. Bergill.


Although it produces students of sterling character and academic merit, the atmosphere of Soule is that of openness and civil responsibility with a relaxed mood. Longstanding traditions such as "Spew Monkey" and "Secret Santa" attest to this. As the only dormatory with shared showers, all students are considered equal among brothers. Trust is paramount in Soule, and one will often see the common room littered with backpacks, sports jackets, and other personal artifacts.

Soule is also known for its year end festivities. On the last night of the school year, students fulfill one of the dormitory mottos, "Fuggit, let's go bowling," and bowl from midnight onwards. Upon return, residents engage in a thunderous lap of honor around Wetherell quad. As clothing is optional for this lap, this tradition is a favorite of the North Side ladies.

Soule also is notable for its musical interests. Many residents of the residence hall write songs, sing in choir groups, remix chilleux beats, and serenade women. Techno, House and Electronic music are constantly being blasted on speakers throughout the dormitory. Soule was the home of DJ Giac, then official mixer for the Soule Rave.


The residence hall is named for Gideon Lane Soule, the 3rd Headmaster of Phillips Exeter Academy. Under his leadership, the Trustees voted that the "use of intoxicating liquors by any student shall cause him to sever his connection with the Academy" in the spring of 1854. In 1870, Dr. Soule extended the hour at which students are required to be in their rooms from seven o'clock to eight. During the Civil War three white students from Kentucky confronted the then-principal Gideon Lane Soule over the presence of an African-American student in their midst. When they demanded that the black student be expelled on account of his color, Soule replied, "The boy is to stay; you may do as you please." Since that time, Soule's response has been widely viewed as an affirmation of the school's dedication to being open and inviting to all sects.


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