Sonic fanbase

the sonic fanbase might be one of the weirdest fanbases in video game history. The fanbase is seperated in three parts, fans, couple supporters, and classic sonic fans.


even though sonic games don't useually have good games, sonic has some fans. sonic fans mostley love the sonic adventure games [this is not the classic sonic fans part] modern sonic fans like most of the recent sonic games.


sonic couples are the most known kinds of sonic fans. the most supported ones are sonic and amy and sonic and sally. Alot, of people say this part of the fanbase is the worst. some people have ideas of couples from the japenese version of sonic x like how sonic liked amy and how tails liked cosmo only in the japenese version. while in america that whas removed and in some sources in the US UK and Japanese version of games like super smash bros. brawl and sonic and sega all stars racing are saying that amy is sonic's self appointed girlfriend meaning sonic dosen't like amy as a girlfriend but amy likes sonic.

Classic sonic fans

some people think sonic should have stayed as classic sonic and keep the classic gameplay. some people just like classic sonic because he had these atributes.

.fat .short .black eyes

Sega's reaction

since people have sent sega messages about classic sonic every day it has caused sega to make games like Sonic 4 episiode 1 and 2 and sonic generations. Sega hate the couple ones and they have no plans on making any couples comfirmed.

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