The SOLLIGHT name comes from the SOL and LIGHT words. The organization was formed in September 2009 and it is the approach used to determine the activity, which is fully circumscribed it. The group was founded in Budapest in environmental aims, which will allow, especially with relevance to energy saving and CO2 emission reductions in the current economic situation.

The SOLLIGHT ESCO (Energy Saving Company) group's main activity due to environmental policy, providing innovative solutions, which are realizable cost savings all over the world in the public sector, business sphere and households as well. The engineers and technicians of this group provide high-quality and long life time LED lighting sources, solar and wind energy systems. Investment of this kinds of engineering activities could be reach 55 up to 85% energy savings, and the installed alternative energy systems produce electricity almost free of charge.

The financial part of this investment be covered by the EU and state funding sources for proposals, or with help of refinancing company and ESCO financing, which allows a portion of the investment cost is the amount of energy savings obtained by the Investor's cover.

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