Sole Proprietor Magazine is a business publication that presents stories of individual achievement, and gives information and tools to help in starting a business. It was first issued in January 2006.

Interviews are posted weekly, which highlight small businesses making 1 million dollars in revenue a year, or less. The purpose of the magazine is to drive traffic to the businesses that it profiles, and to show others how to start their own business. It is owned and operated by Gary Tharaldson and Rhontel Hayes.

The website also offers books and reports which purport to assist owners of small businesses. The 10 books listed (as of February 2010) appear to have been written by the same person, although the authors are not listed in the website page.[1]


In late 2005 the Magazine received negative comments in Writers Weekly[2], when it attempted to lure writers into blogging on the SPM website and in its print edition. The point of contention was that in one place the publisher stated he would pay for approved writing in his magazine, but that in another place he was trying to obtain unpaid writing.


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