The Society for Humanitarian Research (Baku, Azerbaijan) is a non-governmental organization founded on January 17, 1997. The organization was officially registered on 14 April 2000. SHR is a member of more than 10 local and international civil society networks. The mission of SHR: to achieve the democratic changes in the society and make more sustainable of participation of the citizens in the process of protection of human rights and freedoms and establishment of the civil society by growing and development of the civic activity.

The main objectives of SHR


- to conduct monitoring about the democratic development of society, human rights, migration, conflicts and the development of civil society,
- Investigation of conflicts and participation in the process of peace-building, the preparation of programs for rehabilitation of people suffered from the conflicts,
- Efforts towards the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,
- Analyze the situation of the Euro integration tendencies in Azerbaijan.

Area of activity of SHR


- Protection of human rights,
- Regulation of migration processes,
- Efforts towards Euro integration
- Elimination of conflicts, participation in the process of peace-building.

Publications of SHR


- "NGO Handbook" - 1999
- "Memory book for election campaign" (in azerbaijani and russian languages) - 2000
- "Human Rights in Azerbaijan" magazine - 2002-2004
- "Karabakh being discussed" book – 2006
- “Problems and prospects of refugees\IDPs return to conflict regions of South Caucasus” (2008)
- Documentary “Nagorno Karabakh: Consultation with society” – 2008

SHR donors


From the beginning of activity of the organization its various projects have been financed by following donors: Royal Norwegian Embassy, US Embassy, UK Embassy, UNDP, Council of Europe, Open Society Institute, Danish Refugee Council, Catholic Relief Services, Conciliation Resources, UNHCR, Henrikh Boell Foundadtion, İnternational Alert, NGO Council under Azerbaijan President Apparatus, Europen Union (“Toleranti” Samtskhe Javakheti Regional Association”-Georgia), Delegation of European Union in Azerbaijan Republic/Human Rights House Foundation.

Contact Information


AZ 1000, Azerbaijan, Baku, Po.Box 158, SHR
Telephone: +99412 4378387
Mobile: +99450 3202534
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