Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB (SRC) is the student led CSR practice of XIMB. SRC, as it is well known, works for the social well-being of vulnerable population through constant endeavors and acting as the facilitators of the same. The student community carries out a lot of activities which are mostly in the fields of community service, social causes and Education. It ties up with many governmental and non-governmental organizations like Rotary Club, Concern Worldwide, Bakul, NISWASS, to organize many small activites and projects in and around the city of Bhubaneswar.[1]


Social responsibility cell, XIMB, believes that in this reality we all can get united and try to make a small but considerable difference in the lives which are at the bottom of the pyramid. We believe that everyone is a citizen in his own right, entitled to the full spectrum of human rights. At SRC, we bring in volunteers who constantly dedicate themselves to bringing in a smile in the faces of the deprived.

SRC acts as a motivator for young students to come together from all walks of life and join together to work for the cause of the society. It harnesses the support, time and skills of its volunteers to work for small, nascent initiatives. Over time, as each grows and achieves stability, the quantum of support increases.

In one line, the philosophy of Social Responsibilty Cell, XIMB (SRC) is: 'A Smile is Contagious...Let's Spread it!'.

Vision & Mission

The vision statement of Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB (SRC) states that "We at SRC vow to be the harbinger of light in the lives of those who have been deprived of it. We pledge to spread happiness and encourage development of individuals and groups through promotion of basic human rights and equality".

The Mission of Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB (SRC) is to promote social well-being of vulnerable population through constant endeavors and acting as the facilitators of the same.

Based on its vision and mission, SRC has different verticals to address different social issues like community development, child welfare, disaster management, education, etc.

Projects & Activities

Social Responsibility Cell, XIMB (SRC) since its inception is working its way forward to the very cause of its existence. Throughout the year it carries out many activities either in standalone by efforts of its student volunteers or in collaboration with many governmental and non-governmental organizations like OSDMA, Rotary Club, Concern Worldwide, NISWAS, Bakul, etc. Till date SRC has three major projects to its credit,

  • Formation of Xavier Vending Zone: This project involved establishment of a vending zone consisting of 22 vendors under the Orissa Govt scheme of Self- Employment called SWAROZGARO. Dr. D.V. Ramana and other faculty members of XIMB played an instrumental role in the formation of the Xavier Vending Zone(XVZ).
  • Young Adults' Education Initiative: This initiative was started by SRC to educate the mess-workers and other maintenance staff of XIMB.
  • Shiksha Kunji: This initiative is a platform for providing support towards imparting education to the less fortunate members of our society at the grass root level and preparing them for life. It is a platform whereby the XIMB Family (Students, Alumni and Faculty) can channelize their support to the people in need.

SRC also conducts many activities round the year. The activities include Candle march on the eve of independence day, Celebration of independence day, Events on International Women's Day, International Day of Diasbility and World AIDS Day to increase awareness. These events include case study competitions, debates, and street play or nukkad-natak. In collaboration with Concern Worlwide, every year SRC celebrates World Humanitarian Day.[2] It partners Rotary Club to organize Para Athlos, an event that gives the differently abled kids to demonstrate their sports skills. [3][4]

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