Smart Mountaineering Club, is a mountaineering organization based in Philippines. The club has taken a significant part in the development of mountaineering in Philippines as well as sharing their effort and time for community services and environmental protection activities. SMC was founded in January 2004 with its 15 Core members. Main reason why they named it after a Telecom company because most of the Centro members that year were working at Smart Communications, Inc. Centro decided to expand the club so they begin to recruit additional members, Smartee or non-Smartee are welcome to join the club.

Unlike any other clubs, SMC offers a lifetime membership, whether you're still with Smart or not, you will always be welcome to join & be a part of any activities held by the org. To be able to fully become a true-blooded SMCnoy, one should at least complete the said requirements like attending Basic Mountaineering Courses (BMC), Simply Amazing Race (SAR), Training Climbs, Phys-T sessions, etc. The membership fee will be used as payments for BMC Speakers, Dogtag and Batch shirt.

The first ever SMC babies, Batch 1 was born in 2005 with a flying colors of 29 members. Batch UNO was inducted at Mt.

The following year 2006, Batch 2 with 25 neophytes was born. Batch DOS was inducted at Mt.

Year 2007, 21 rookies of Batch 3 was born. Batch TRES was inducted at Mt Pulag, Benguet and at Mt Calavite, Mindoro for the late inductees.

On year 2008, SMC didn't recruit a new batch due to tight work schedules of its members.

By year 2009, the club was back in the game and Batch 4 was born with its 28 greenhorns. Batch CUATRO was inducted at Mt.

Year 2010, another 22 freshies of Batch 5 were added to a now bigger SMC family. Batch CINCO was inducted at Mt. Mabanban, Zambales.

On 2011, 12 new hikers of Batch 6 came along. Batch SEIS was inducted at Mt.

For 2012, SMC has its total of 152 members. BMC SIETE is on going as well and they will be inducted at Mt. Mabanban, Zambales this mid year.

SMC Mission: Be committed and competent advocates of outdoor adventure, environmental protection and community service that is empowering.

SMC Vision: By 2012, SMC will be a model for GREENER mountaineering composed of a committed, competent, and dynamic membership that empowers communities through effective and sustainable environmental projects, programs and partnership as we conquer new and challenging peaks.

SMC Core Values:


We respect theindividual, our organizational diversity, the environment, the society, ourcommunity and we are humbled by the majesty of Mother Nature.


We foster loyalty to the organization and its members by adhering to our clear vision and fulfilling our mission. We are loyal to our goals, values and to the art of mountaineering.


We value integrity by being accountable and transparent in what we do. We exercise discipline and we maintain honesty in all our transactions.


We value leadership that is passionate about community service. A leadership who encourages teamwork at the same time promotes individual creativity.



  1. Joa Abueva
  2. Jerry Belarde
  3. Jovanni Cid
  4. Apol Cortes
  5. Bhoyet Garcia
  6. Chris Gonzales
  7. Armel Madsen
  8. Mavir Matias
  9. Ron Napao
  10. Summer Ocasla
  11. Abeng Provido
  12. Jing Talesio
  13. Beng Tolentino
  14. Raffy Tuguinay
  15. Nick Wilwayco


  1. Pip Arcilla
  2. Ardy Ardion
  3. Cyndi Ayap
  4. Rey Bufi
  5. Imee Calangian-Quinones
  6. George Carreon
  7. Baye Cid
  8. Tin Cortes
  9. Ron Cruz
  10. Jill De Oño
  11. Rocky De Vega
  12. Santos Forneloza
  13. Jeryc Garcia
  14. Kat Gito
  15. Aris Harlan
  16. Eugene Lorenzo
  17. Ray Lorenzo
  18. Renis Manganip
  19. Lenard Manguba
  20. Jun Marquez
  21. Thess Marucot
  22. Ipe Mascareñas
  23. Marina Montes
  24. Johann Rabago
  25. Joyce Romaraog
  26. Ann Tan
  27. Renz Ticsay
  28. J Sy-Ticsay
  29. Tina Toledo


  1. Mike Abaincia
  2. Myles Baguilat
  3. Cliff Ballesteros
  4. Allan Batusa
  5. Rexel Bien
  6. Estan Cabigas
  7. Jeremy Chavez
  8. Gly Ayap-Dela Cruz
  9. Bong Fuentes
  10. Marvs Gallo
  11. Dennis Liwanes
  12. Omar Maltu
  13. Jeff Moraga
  14. Candy Goloran-Moraga
  15. AJ Morales
  16. Mariel Parra
  17. Ferdie Quinones
  18. Jet Reales
  19. Grace Caadiang
  20. Boyet Tandog
  21. Ley Tapang-Garcia
  22. Tina Te
  23. Nije Tolentino
  24. Grace Villaviray
  25. Yumi Villaviray


  1. Mickoy Aberca
  2. Paeng Andres
  3. Pompo Arroyo
  4. Erick Banzon
  5. Aneth Domingo
  6. Mon Dysangco
  7. Intsik Elizalde
  8. Erwin Ellaga
  9. Don Eusebio
  10. Glenna Gonzaga
  11. Jay Guevarra
  12. Maggie Tomines-Larida
  13. Nice Macapanas
  14. Gina Jimenez-Magboo
  15. Theena Mandocdoc
  16. Toniang Mendoza
  17. Patrick Mendoza
  18. Lance Navarette
  19. Derek Paras
  20. Pem Portillano
  21. Franz Reyes


  1. Nai Ada
  2. Omai Adalim
  3. Eka Angeles
  4. Aris Azur
  5. Arjay Bautista
  6. Onin Bundalian
  7. Eric Cantuba
  8. Chito Cascante
  9. Collie Castillo
  10. Lhot Castillo
  11. Jhess Catarig
  12. Rjam Cosca
  13. Jec Cu
  14. Boks Dela Paz
  15. Ancis Diones
  16. Ge Glova
  17. Tin Iquin
  18. Maui Milan
  19. Nancy Paderon
  20. Vic Punzalan
  21. Grace Reyes
  22. Rolan Saad
  23. Albert Sabiniano
  24. Virgil Santos
  25. Sich Sichon
  26. Dan Simeon
  27. Jeric Vargas
  28. Gilvie Viray


  1. Dzeni Aguila
  2. Vince Alfonzo
  3. Ghe Bataller
  4. Mitch Bayhonan
  5. Shatsy Cabaron
  6. Verly Cabuhat
  7. Jeline Co
  8. Carlos Cruz
  9. Rasha Delos Reyes
  10. JC Fonte
  11. Jhoie Grafil
  12. Joyce Lim
  13. Mike Lontoc
  14. Chard Medrano
  15. Maian Mera
  16. Allan Ostrea
  17. Jep Padilla
  18. Teddy Reyna
  19. Dan Santiago
  20. Julian Suarez
  21. Miggs Tonido
  22. Ice Villagra


  1. Daisy Arriola
  2. Jafz Concepcion
  3. Ronie Dela Pacion
  4. Jems Garcia
  5. Josette Jugadora
  6. Kiko Kipte
  7. Dennis Manalo
  8. Ed Mendoza
  9. Ramil Rodrigo
  10. Doms Sapalaran
  11. Mac Valmores
  12. Eboy

List of Executive Committees:


Jovanni Cid, 2005 & 2006 (For Batch UNO & DOS)
Apol Cortes (formerly Estan Cabigas), 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Jing Talesio, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Don Eusebio, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Joyce Romaraog, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Academics Committee

Apol Cortes, Jing Talesio 2005 (For Batch UNO)
Apol Cortes, Armel Madsen 2006 (For Batch DOS)
Jing Talesio, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Toniang Mendoza, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Franz Reyes, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Collie Castillo, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Membership Committee

Jing Talesio, 2005 (For Batch UNO)
Summer Ocasla, 2006 (For Batch DOS)
Ley Tapang-Garcia, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Glenna Gonzaga, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Jhess Catarig, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Nancy Paderon, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Exploration Committee

Bhoyet Garcia, 2005 & 2006 (For Batch UNO & DOS)
Pip Arcilla, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Pip Arcilla (Formerly Mon Dysangco), 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Renz Ticsay, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Vic Punzalan, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Phys-T Committee

Pip Arcilla, 2006 (For Batch DOS)
Jerry Belarde, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Pompo Arroyo, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Vic Punzalan, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Allan Ostrea, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

PEER Committee

Armel Madsen, 2005 & 2006 (For Batch UNO & DOS)
Joyce Romaraog, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Don Eusebio, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Jeric Vargas (formerly Albert Sabiniano), 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Omai Adalim, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Finance Committee

Beng Tolentino, 2005 (For Batch UNO)
Beng Tolentino & Ron Napao, 2006 (For Batch DOS)
Candy Goloran-Moraga, 2007 (For Batch TRES)
Theena Mandocdoc, 2009 (For Batch CUATRO)
Jec Cu, 2010 (For Batch CINCO)
Shatsy Cabaron (formerly Ron Napao), 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

ComServe Committee

Mitch Bayhonan, 2011 (For Batch SEIS)

Community Services Rendered:

  • Medical/Dental Mission - Ifugao, Bicol, Bataan, Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija
  • Relief Operations - Ifugao, Bataan
  • Book Donation - Occidental Mindoro / Talamitam, Batangas
  • Housebuild - Gawad Kalinga Community, Quezon
  • Outreach Project - Bahay Mapagmahal, Quezon City / Little Angels Home, INc., Tagaytay City
  • Black Pencil Project - Mt. Pulag, Benguet
  • Red Cross Blood Donation Drive - Co-organized with Smart Communications, Inc.

Environmental Protection:

  • Tree Planting - Benguet, Sariaya Quezon, Mt. Banahaw Slopes, Real Quezon, Lake Caliraya, Marikina River
  • Jungle Environment Survival Training, Subic Zambales
  • Clean-up Drive - Mt. Banahaw (June 2009)
  • Para sa Basura
  • B.O.B (Bring-my-Own-Bottle)

Mountains conquered by SMCnoys

  1. Mt. Apo, Davao
  2. Mt. Pulag, Benguet
  3. Mt. Amuyao, Benguet
  4. Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Romblon
  5. Mt. Arayat, Pampanga
  6. Mt. Manalmon, Bulacan
  7. Mt. Mayon, Naga
  8. Mt. Marami, Cavite
  9. Mt. Pico De Loro, Cavite
  10. Mt. Banahaw, Quezon
  11. Mt. Cristobal, Quezon
  12. Mt. Tapulao, Zambales
  13. Mt. Mabanban, Zambales
  14. Mt. Balingkilat, Zambales
  15. Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales
  16. Mt. Pundaquit, Zambales
  17. Mt. Batulao, Batangas
  18. Mt. Talamitam, Batangas
  19. Mt. Daguldol, Batangas
  20. Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Batangas
  21. Mt. Manabu, Batangas
  22. Mt. Maculot, Batangas
  23. Mt. Tarak, Bataan
  24. Mt. Natib, Bataan
  25. Mt. Pantingan, Bataan
  26. Mt. Calavite, Occidental Mindoro
  27. Mt. Malasimbo, Oriental Mindoro
  28. Mt. Kanlaon, Negros Occidental
  29. Mt. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  30. Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina

Official Facebook Page:

SMC Official Facebook Page

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