Chaz Michael Washington Also known as Slim chizzy, is an American rapper. And is the CEO And Co-founder Of Double Up Records, he is the oldest brother of rapper Chaos


1994-2010: Career beginnings

Slim chizzy was born as Chaz Michael Washington in Carrollton, Texas In October 2012, that he had stepped down as , and had given the position to .[2] Rapper signed a joint venture between Real Records and BeastMode. President confirmed that was no longer on the label after many rumours were circulating the internet. To promote their collaboration album , which was released on December 21, 2012, Swag Team artists embarked on the Swag Team.[3] In 2011 BeastMode artists Swag Team agreed to part ways after there last release .

2013–present: Invader Slim

On May 22, 2011, Chaos released a song entitled "invader slim he should around 2013 he been working on Chaotik volume 1 Chaos with and they been recording songs and been putting them on youtube and they been freestyling and he is in a rap group called whathell and he in The Brother Zen with Chaos



He has stated that Chance The rapper, The Notorious B.i.g., Kendrick Lamar, Wu-Tang Clan and Mos Def are his top five favorite rappers. The Notorious B.i.g., arguably his biggest influence, has influenced not only his music,



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