Sinking Ship Statements

A phrase/term to describe a degrading tactic in logical arguments, called a/the "sinking ship statement".

Imagine you are on a ship. Everyone and everything is in balance and harmony. Now the ship begins to sink. Many people become illogical and irrational acting in fear and thinking of only themselves (ie Titanic). Now in this scenario people's credibility begins to sink as they are desperate and cannot come up with a logical solution to survive that benefits everyone, so in survival mode they only think about themselves.

I now apply this idea to arguments. When someone is losing an argument their ship is in effect sinking. They run out of logical things to say and will become very offensive in survival mode causing other people to become upset and fight.

Here are examples of a sinking ship statement.

Chris: I believe that the killer is the husbands wife because there was a video of her killing her husband in cold blood. Sharon: That's crazy and stupid, you are nuts if you believe that. Chris: There is an actual video. Sharon: Perhaps you should just commit yourself right now and put on the straight jacket. Chris: She admitted to wishing her husband was dead. Sharon: What does that have to do with anything? Chris: She lied on oath to the judge about not knowing where her husband was that day. Sharon: You are a troll. Chris: the overwhelming evidence would suggest that she is the killer. Sharon: Are you joking?

In this dialogue it should be clear that none of Sharon's comments carry any value and or credibility and that in a desperate attempt to survive the argument/ sinking ship/argument, she will use low last resort tactics.

It is similar to Ad Hominem but it is different.

here will explain the difference.... 1) ad hominem.. the speaker uses ad hominem as an argument strategy. ie attacking the opponent 2) Sinking ship statement is used by someone who is aware they are losing an argument and or credibility and they employ irrelevant subject changing, illogical and or offensive arguments to try to salvage their argument. IE your trolling. Your missing the point, you are not seeing clearly, you aren't making any sense... and etc.

Sinking ship statements also identify that the statements are based on a losing argument, rather ad hominem is strictly an argument tactic where one attacks the other.

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