Nathan Peters (born Nathan Telbert Peters March 1st 1989 ) better known by his stage name Sinitus Tempo is an American musician/producer from Mount Rainier, Maryland, he gained internet popularity over the world by releasing Tribute cd's to anime. Landing him opportunities to Work with artists such as Add-2, Substantial, and composer Jun Chikuma.

1989-2010: Early life & career beginnings

Nathan Peters was born in Washington D.C, but grew up in Mount Rainier, Maryland. In 2004 he got into music by hanging out with friends, they showed him how to use FL studio 4, and from then he started on his journey making music. In 2007 Sinitus linked up with a few artists which gained the attention of artist Wale. Wale contacted Sinitus, about acquiring a beat or two from him but the collaboration never worked out. In 2008 Sinitus grew a relationship with Studio 43 producing a few tracks for a.b the producer and a track for Cayan ft. A.b the producer and Marky. The collaborations sparked Interested A.B and Rickey Parker decided to manage him. In 2009 Sinitus was entered in Urb magazines next 1000, he also released notable projects with MC obii Say. In 2010 Obii And Sinitus Released the Vinyl Proxy 1965 which became very popular in the Washington D.C area gaining 30,000 + downloads. 3 anime tributes where released during the end of 2010 Born Legends EP, Cowboy Biibop EP with Obii Say and Awakened Beings EP (sponsored by ill vibes). The projects were featured on many anime websites such as

2011-Present: Journey....

In 2011 after releasing many beat tapes and collaboration projects Sinitus released his first 2 albums Abstrakt Mindz Thinc Ulike & Koyo (Autumn Leaves). Sinitus Popularity really didn't jump off until he released the praised free LP Peaceland, which was heavily inspired By the late Nujabes. Shortly after Sinitus formed the group OneofUs with Australian singer Kitty Wong. their single, Summer Nights was played on Triple J, gaining them success on the release of their free EP later in the year. Peaceland 2 was also released at the end of the year. In 2012 Sinitus released Born Legends 2 the continuation to his highly praised anime tribute to Samurai Champloo and Nujabes. The free album Journey was released March 29th 2012, This album gained the attention of many people such as composer Jun Chikuma and indie label Digi Crates. The album was promoted heavily by Micheal Trampe of and was the most popular jazz-fusion album on bandcamp in April. His third album Control Theory will release later in the year along with Lovely Dreams 2.

Manga and anime

In 2010 an idea sparked within Sinitus, to created his own manga and anime series and in early 2011 Sinitus connected with Aaron Wilcox who helped him write the plot for his anime Tokyo Bliss. Later that year Sinitus met Reb Pierre a manga artist who agreed to help create the manga. vol. 1 of Tokyo Bliss is set to hit shelves and digital media late 2012 early 2013. A anime adaptation is also set to start production in 2013. In his career, he also gained attention by Wale, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Maybach Music.



Media features

  • Featured in 2009 urb magazines next 1000 artist section.
  • Featured producer in istandards DC.
  • Placed in istandards Philly - judges were Lenny S of island Def Jam, Mike Trampe of HiphopDX and Producer Illmind.
  • Creator and co writer of the upcoming manga tokyo bliss with Aaron Wilcox, artwork by reb pierre.
  • Anime scheduled for 2013.

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