Simon Chapman is a Sydney-born short film maker and actor. Chapman's interest in film began while working at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra for five years. Employed as a presenter, Chapman showcased the Archive's work to a wide variety of audiences and eventually became the leading player in the Archive's Travelling Film and Sound Show, which toured Australia for two years. Chapman then moved back to Sydney and began his film-making career with the short film Hot Topic (2006), [1] which was entered into the short film competition Tropfest.

After discovering that the film was not shortlisted, Chapman made the satirical short film Get Polson (2006),[2] about two disgruntled film makers (one of whom is played by Chapman) who do not reach the Tropfest finals and decide to get even. It has now achieved moderate cult status and has been mentioned in local media on several occasions. [3] [4] In 2007 Chapman made the short film Brainstorm, [5] which was filmed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, where he worked for four years. Chapman's latest film is the comedy Sins, Sir? (2008), which was filmed at Customs House, Sydney. [6]


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