Silija Line is a boat that goes to/from these countries Helsinki,Finland or Sweden the is boat contains a nightclub,resturants,a kids play area,arcade and many more you can also watch musicals you can only go on the boat from those countries you can only stay 48 hours or more if possible like every boat you have to book it boats can be scary believe me sometimes the resturant serves a variety of foods like kebabs and stuff like that the arcade has a driving game and other thing the play area contains a ball pit,a giant slide ok that is just some of it not all of it if you have a group of people you share a room with friends or family on almost any floor the amount of fun you have on that boat 24/7 some times it get boring if you have done every single thing my favourite part is at the top there is a really cool view when you look there when the boat is moving you feel scared and yeah there is a toilet in your rooms and a bathtub do not forget gifts for your friends or imagine the consequences it feels cool being on a boat you can get off the boat view Finland or Sweden and go back on the boat it is a nice getaway great for honeymoons,holidays all that stuff.

Your beds are comfy so you want have any problems I think if you do please leave a comment maybe some famous people have been there like Sweden's very own Amy Diamond well I said maybe so she might have there is a swimming pool for kids and adults the boat isn't as big as the Titanic but is big when you see land you know you are almost there and breakfast is availible from 6.00AM you know when the boat has arrived at it's destination because you can hear it

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