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Silas Kanyabigega

Reverend Pastor Silas Kanyabigega is Minister in the Free Methodist Church in the USA. He is President of the INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST based in the USA. He is Legal Representative of MOUVEMENT POUR CHRIST AU RWANDA (M.P.C.R), His Technical Formation is ENGINEER RADIO-T.V.-HIFI Sono. His Theological Formation is MASTER OF DIVINITY in the USA. His wife is VENANTIE NZAVUGANKIZE. His children are: JOYCE MUSHIMIYIMANA, JOSUE NSENGIYUMVA, EVANYSE MANISHIMWE, JUDITH NIYIMPA, FORTUNEE NISHIMWE, SAMUEL SILVAIN SEZERANO, TITE NIYONSHUTI. Before coming in the United States of America, Pastor Silas KANYABIGEGA was Minister in the Free Methodist Church of Rwanda. On May 4, 2012, the USA Free Methodist Church recognized his Ordination. Before coming in the USA, the Movement for Christ was active only in different Countries in Africa. For now, MOVEMENT FOR CHRIST (I.M.C)is active also in the USA. The IMC works officially in the USA with an OHIO STATE Cerificate. Please, visit our Website: .He reached the USA on December 2, 2007. His family reached him also on May 2011. He wrote some books in different languages:

   - Charismatic Manifestations in Rwanda (Paper),
   - La Prédication Centrée sur Jésus Christ (French book),
   - Les Manifestations Charismatiques, cas des Eglises au Rwanda ( French book),
   - KWIZERA Yesu Kristo, n'Iherezo ry' abatamwizera (Kinyarwanda book).

More details: Pastor Silas' Father: THADDEE BUHAKE. Pastor Silas' Mother: JULIE NYIRUMULINGA. He was born on May 10, 1958. Before becoming Pastor, Silas worked at DEUTSCHE WELLE, a Germany Radio, as Technician Operator.He represented the employees of Deutsche Welle, Relay Station Kigali, as President of the Syndical Section.

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