Sigma Delta Phi (ΣΔΦ), one of nine sororities at Grove City College, [1] was a secret organization until 1920 when a charter was obtained while Weir C. Ketler was President of the College. The sorority originally consisted of 10 members. These women chose the symbols that would come to represent the second longest-standing sorority at Grove City College. Sigma Delta Phi is the only sorority at the College whose charter has never, even temporarily, been revoked.

The sorority's mission statement is: "The purpose of [the Sigma Delta Phi Sorority] shall be to foster a spirit of friendship and cooperation among its members; to uphold the moral, religious and social traditions of the College; to encourage the support of Grove City College affairs; to instill feelings of competition, diplomacy and humility among its members; to encourage love and respect." [2]


  • A sister of the Sigma Delta Phi sorority is called a "D'Phi."
  • Sigma Delta Phi can be identified by their colors, officially black and white. These colors were chosen by the original members in 1920, the commonly seen red accent color was added later in the sorority's history.
  • The symbols of the Sigma Delta Phi sorority are a pair of crossed swords, the Cross and Crown, and an oil lamp. These symbols can be seen on the D'Phi crest along with the sorority letters. The meanings of these symbols are known only to initiated members of the sisterhood and are not divulged to those outside the sorority.
  • The sisters of Sigma Delta Phi have historically worn a pin indicating their membership. This tri-sided, downward-facing Delta consists of the sorority letters, twelve pearls and one diamond. Although the pins are no longer produced or worn, the meanings of these symbols are known only to D'Phi sisters.
  • The official mascot is Sigmund the Panda Bear. This panda is often carried by new actives during "Greek Unity Week," the period during which new members are initiated into fraternities and sororities at Grove City College.
  • The sisters of Sigma Delta Phi currently consider Phi Tau Alpha to be their brother fraternity. Both Greek organizations share the same song: AC/DC's "Back in Black," chosen after the song was recorded by the band in 1980. At Grove City College, historic brother-sister Greek relationships are represented through color, although many of those ties are no longer honored today. Historically, Sigma Delta Phi has been linked to the Beta Sigma Fraternity that shares its colors of black, white and red.
  • The American Beauty Rose (Rosa 'American Beauty') chosen to represent the Sigma Delta Phi Sorority has been in use since 1920. The original 10 members chose this symbol as well as wrote the Alma Mater and the Sweetheart Song, both still in use today.
  • The Oreo is the official cookie of the Sigma Delta Phi sorority. The Oreo's black and white colors are the same as the sorority's colors.


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  • Grove City College official website

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