Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc. (ΣΔΛ) is a sorority founded on September 26, 1996, at Texas State University - San Marcos.


Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc. was founded at Texas State University during the fall of 1996. During this time at Texas State, there were no Latino Greeks on campus. The eleven founding mothers saw the need for an organization that was geared towards Latinas and through their hard work they established the first Latino Greek Organization at Texas State University.

Since SDL's founding in 1996, SDL has had a rich history at Texas State. The Multicultural Greek Council was founded by Sigma Delta Lambda and Omega Delta Phi. Through these early efforts done by the ladies of Sigma Delta Lambda, other Latino organizations were able to find a home at Texas State University.

Sigma Delta Lambda's Beta chapter was founded in the fall of 2002 at the University of Texas at Austin. The Gamma Chapter of Sigma Delta Lambda was founded at the Texas A&M International University in the spring of 2008.

Founding Mothers

There are eleven founding mothers of Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc.:

  • Tina Deolloz Daniels
  • Rebecca Duran Anguiano
  • Dora Garcia
  • Ana Juarez
  • Rebecca Perez Hudson
  • Denise Meras
  • Sandra Martinez
  • Chrissy Salinas
  • Emily Trevino Camarena
  • Cynthia Velasquez
  • Vickie Villasana


Mission Statement

Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc. is a service and social organization of collegiate and alumnae members committed to providing a support network geared toward women, specifically Latinas.


Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc. hopes to aid in the retention of women and people of color in higher education. We encourage interaction with other Greek organizations, the university, the local community, and most importantly the minority population. Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc also holds high academic expectations for its members in order to help them succeed in life.

Founding Date: September 26, 1996

Founding Location: Texas State University - San Marcos, Texas

Sorority Motto: “Together we rise through education, loyalty and pride.”

Sorority Nickname: SDL

Sorority Colors: Navy Blue and Forest Green

Sorority Flower: White Calla Lily

Sorority Stone: Sapphire

Sorority Mascot: Dove

Chapters of Sigma Delta Lambda

Chapter <b>College/University Location
Alpha Texas State University San Marcos, TX
Beta University of Texas Austin, TX
Gamma Texas A&M International University Laredo, TX
Delta Texas Lutheran University Seguin, TX

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