Shin Dong-Woo was born on November 25, 1998 in Seoul, Korea. He worked as an artist and/or as an actor on KBS2. Shin Dong-Woo is a male and had acted on many TV drams and had so many fans. In 2010, Shin Dong-Woo acted on the beginning of episode 2 to the end of episode 6 on Bread, Love & Dreams. On episode 5 of the Korean Drama, Shin Dong-Woo who act as the child version for "Gu Ma Jun" had collapsed due to a bad weather at a night. The story was supposed to be that Majun and Takgu walk back together to the funeral of the grandma's death to their parents. But since Shin Dong had to collapsed unexpectedly, the director of the show had to change the story so Kim Tak Gu carries Gu Ma Jun to its parent and take him to his real doctor in the assigned hospital. After Shin Dong acted on episodes 2-6, he went home sick in a wheelchair. Shin Dong Woo acted on his first TV drama in 2006 and his first movie in 2008.


These are all of the incidental health problems that happened.

Year TV Drama/Movie Studio Incident
2010 Bread, Love & Dreams KBS2 On the ending part of episode 4 to about or almost the middle of episode 5, Shin Dong acted as the child version of "Gu Ma Jun". For Shin Dong-Woo, he had to really be in the rain so long so he really collapsed burning hot with fever.


Shin Dong-Woo had so many fans and the amount has been growing rapidly. He has a two Facebook pages and a Twitter page.


Shin Dong-Woo gets awards from KBS2 since 2006.

Year Award Awarded By Notes
2006 강이되어만나리 '동자승' 역 KBS2
2006 드라마시티- 사랑에빠진 코끼리 '한은재'역 KBS2
2006 드라마시티-10분간 당신의 사 KBS2
2006 위대한유산 '진경호'역 KBS2
2006 돌아와요순애씨 '윤 찬'역 (윤다훈 아들) SBS
2007 완벽한 이웃을 만나는 법 '양고니'역 (손현주 아들) SBS
2007 사랑한다면 이들처럼 (뮤직 드라마) SBS
2008 온에어 '김준희' 역 (송윤아 아들) SBS
2008 유리의 성 '손강민'역 SBS
2008 에덴의 동쪽 '어린 이동철' 역 MBC
2008 일지매 '개똥이'역 SBS
2009 천국의 아이들 SBS
2009 드림 SBS
2010 제빵왕김탁구 '어린 구마준' 역 KBS2
2010 내여자친구는구미호 '도깨비' 역 SBS
2010 욕망의 불꽃 '어린 김민재' 역 MBC
2006 어린이동산 10월호 표지
2007 한국가스 안전공가 공익광고
2007 비타짱구
2007 POST 콘푸라이트
2008 학습지 지면광고
2008 청소년연맹 지면광고
2008 휘닉스 파크 워터파크 지면 광고

행텐 키즈

2006 뿡뿡이랑 냠냠 MC '달콤이'역
2006 단편영화-골목길 '예준' 역
2007 씨야MV '사랑의 인사'
2008 순정만화 '아빠찾는 꼬마'역
2008 아역상 MBC

TV Dramas/TV Shows

Here are all the TV dramas that he acted on. His first show that he act on was released in 2006.

Year TV Drama Acted on Episodes Notes
2006 Great Expectations 2-10 ? Act as the child version of "Kyung-Ho".
2006 Come back Soon-ae All Child version of "Yoon Chan".
2007 Perfect Neighbor All Act as "Yang Go-Ni".
2008 On Air All ? Acted as "Kim Jun-Hee".
2008-2009 East of Eden 2-9 ? Child version of "Lee Dong-Cheol".
2008-2009 City of Glass All Act as "Son Kang-Min".
2010 Bread, Love & Dreams 2-6 Acted as the child version of "Gu Ma Jun". On almost or about at the middle of episode 5, Shin Dong-Woo collapsed unexpectedly due to staying in the rain so long on the acting.
2010 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
2010-2011 Flames of Desire 2-8 Acted as the child version of "Min-Jae".
2010-2011 Once Upon a Time in Saengchori
2011 Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-9 Child version of "Yang Cho-Rip".


Here are all of the movies Shin Dong-Woo acted on:

Year Movie Notes
2008 Hello Schoolgirl

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