Sharia in the United States is not currently permitted. But some sources have alleged that certain judges at the state level have been handing out sentences based on Sharia Law.


At least 13 American states have passed laws which ban the Sharia.[1]

It has been noted that the vast majority of American court cases that were decided under Sharia were concerned with marriage between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman who had immigrated to the US after their marriage.[2]

Notable Cases

Talaag Elbayomy case

In October 2011, American atheist Ernie Perce dressed as a zombie version of Muhammad and participated in a local Halloween parade. He was allegedly physically assaulted by a Muslim named Talaag Elbayomy.[3] The matter was taken to court. The judge Mark Martin found that there was insufficient evidence against Elbayomy to proceed forward, and dismissed the case. The judge chastised Ernie Perce for insulting the religion of Islam, reminding him that in other countries the penalty for that action could be quite serious.[4]

Although initial reports identified Mark Martin as a Muslim-convert, these were incorrect[5]. In actuality, Mark Martin practices Lutheranism.

The judge's decision was criticized by the police officer at the scene Sgt. Brian Curtis. He said that the actions of Ernie Perce were clearly permitted under the First Amendment. The case created an outrage in the media and was reported nationwide. Many sources called for the impeachment of the judge Mark Martin.[6] Judge Martin and his staff have relocated to a more secure courtroom facility as a result of multiple threats received over this case[7].

Several individuals from groups that disagree with the court's decision have asserted that the result was illegal, inappropriate and unconstitutional.[8][unreliable source]

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