Shakeel Bakshi (شکیل بخشی) is a Youth Leader and one of the founder members of the Islamic Student League (ISL). The league is a political party organized since 1985 by College Students of Kashmir to protest against Indian adiministration of Kashmir.

Shakeel Bakshi is a political activist who advocates indepencence of Kashmir, based on the right of self-determination for the people. Shakeel Bakshi, was first arrested in 1975 when he participated in a general strike for political rights in Kashmir against compromise. He has spent the last 11 years of his life in and out of Indian government-run jails in Kashmir. Since 1980 he has been arrested 14 times. Mr. Bakshi's family has been harassed by the Indian authorities.


Since, 1980 Shakeel Bakshi has been arrested 14 times.

  • 08-April-1984: Arrested on way to the University campus and shifted to “RED16” Sonwar Camp for 1 month, then to Central Jail Srinagar under Public Safety Act (PSA). the charge labeled was delivering a speech on Maqbool Butt’s chehlum (fortieth day of death). Released after several months of detention.
  • Sep-Oct 1984: Arrested again during examination of M.A. 2nd semester and shifted to Kathwa Jail, then to Heera Nagar Jail Srinagar for M.A. exam.
  • 13-July-1985: Arrested in Anantnag and shifted to “RED 16’. Then shifted to Kothi Bagh Police station for 4 months. Released after 2 years of detention. Even during 1987 election he was behind the bars.
  • 1989 February: Arrested from Jammu while working as a Journalist. Taken to Talab Tilloo Prison for 1 month.Then shifted to “RED16”,then to SheerGari Police Station. Shifted again to Central Jail and released from there after several months of detention.
  • 15-April-1990: Arrested by Indian army from Zakura and ultimately sent to Central Jail Amphala. Released on 11 June 1994, after 1518 days of detention.
  • 24-August-1994: Arrested on Milad at Gowkadal, shifted to Hari Niwas Camp and released on Oct 1994 after 1 month .
  • 11-August-1995: Was Arrested for organizing a pro-Pakistani procession.
  • 05-June-1996: Arrested from Election Boycott Room of Hurriyat Office and shifted to Central Jail Srinagar, then shifted to Udhampur Jail, Jammu.
  • 05-June-2001: Arrested on Milad from Khanqah-e-Maula and send to Central Jail Srinagar, and then to Kotbalwal Jail Jammu. Then send to Jodhpur Jail, India. Released in December 2004, after 1260 days in detention under Unlawful Activity Act (13 ULF). First time produced in Court Of Law during 20 years.
  • 05-Feb-2005: Arrested during Election Boycott Campaign in Anantnag.
  • Arrested from Lal Chowk and shifted to Central Jail Srinagar. Released after 1 month in captivity.
  • Arrested from Raj Bagh, Srinagar in Nov 2006 and shifted to Central Jail Srinagar. Released after 1½ months.
  • 17-February-2011: Arrested from Islamic Students League(ISL) office, shifted to central jail Srinagar. On 10-March-2011 booked under draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA) and shifted to Kotbalwal Jail Jammu, revoked by Govt on August. shifted to JIC Jammu for 15 days then to CIK Kashmir there by to Central Jail Kashmir after bailed out re-arrrested by CIK and then shifted to Police Station ShaheedGunj and then released in open court on 19-September-2011.


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