Shahjahan Siraj

After finish masters in Geological Sciences from Jahangirnagar University on 1995, He was aggressive not to serve multinational oil-gas companies. His conscious did not permit to enter in corporate life. Although he was worried and faced gravies conflicts from family for a jobless life but did not compromised! Whenever most of my class-mates joined in Cairn, Shavoron, Mobile, Shell etc. He was devoted in own position. he was frequently criticized by friends. His common reply was, “My life should be invested for more higher purposes beyond the corporate job and high salary”. They requested not to be an activist. He said, I would not be such, but want a responsible citizen and practitioner of goodness. However his teachers also were surprised with my motivations! Their comments was, then why did you admit in Geology! You should study another subject! But in our decade, there was no open option to choose the subject as one like!

Although he did not appreciate myself to be a geologist, but academic result was good. From the beginning he looks a profession from where I will be able to lead a life with freedom and social commitment.

In first time, he wanted to be a writer. Writing was my hobby from school life. He was more inspired by winning a number of awards for writings and knowledge competitions. To be a writer in 1995 he learned Bangla typing before learn the computer. In the year 1996, he introduced with ‘TTG Bangladesh’, an NGO that promoted Gandhism ( shoraj) and human potential values by my friend Ahmed Bulbul. Being a volunteer in the TTGB (Training Task Group Bangladesh), he got chance to learn social science, medical science, non-violence social movement, self development, peoples participatory process (PPP) and development philosophies which profoundly change my views and visions. Consequently he keenly felt to be a ‘media and development activist’. From 1996-2000 he followed non-vegetarian life in the Ashram of TTG Bangladesh. However he looked the vision to be a ‘Peace Maker’ and ‘Media Activist’. With this vision, he totally invested myself in volunteerism and learning graphics, video editing. multimedia production and communication technology focus to development issues. Although he enjoyed eternal peace in volunteerism, but was shocked after learn the hidden luxurious and selfish life of NGO executives, however misuse of public property and opportunities.

After that he got chance to be a international video-volunteer in Philippines. Working experiences in multicultural environment, he got chance to learn the web technology. This three months experiences inspired to work in international sectors, however reaching in present status. Just after return from Manila, he worked with AVCom on 2000 as ‘Creative Executive’, following the next he joined in Drik on 2001 as ‘Multimedia Team Leader’. Joining in Drik’s team opened the golden door for my professional carrier and contribution in human rights development by producing multimedia local content.

In a sense he is a self-taught multimedia designer. Still he has spirit to learn and adopt soon the new media technology and global standard multimedia storytelling. However he has designed Bangladesh first human rights web portal ‘Banglarights’, a joint project of Drik, DFID and The British Council. He played role as Online Editor. From 2001-2005 He served and loved Drik with total heart and devotion, however successfully contributed a number of international projects. As part of responsibilities he represent Drik and Bangladesh in several international events and initiatives.

Whenever the internet was rare in the Bangladesh, he got online connectivity from Drik ISP. The internet connectivity and parental guides of Sahidul Alam helped lot to be a multimedia journalist, content producer as we as a responsible media activist.

In 2005 as a family tour, he went Japan for 7 months. After returned from Japan. he stared my own multimedia company, Machizo Multimedia Communication.

As a multimedia expert, he joined as a lecturer in the University of Liberal Arts for teaching Multimedia Production, New Media Journalism and Video Communication.

Now he is moving forward with my small team by producing quality local content, open video, innovative graphics and website for local and international clients. In the quick changing mode of new media technology, he prouds for quick development of myself.

As English is the major in Internet media, my writing skill was turned into Bangla to English. In busy professional life, he could not make chance to continue Bangla writing over a decade! He feels sorry for missing this time. Again he has started to write in my own language. His first book ( upponash/ novel) ‘Ashar Alo’ will publish in this Ekushy Book Fair 2012. The main story was written in 20 years before during my university life. He has edited and updated philosophical views and experiences in the story.

In 15 years working experiences in the multimedia sectors , he has gained various expertize by working with the nationwide NGOs. He is familiar and creative to make web site, content management system (CMS), documentary film, e-book, digital newspaper, online radio, Internet TV, live casting, social media, citizen journalism and online video distribution.

His vision to establish world-class creative multimedia studio in Bangladesh. He would like to widely contribute development process of Bangladesh by producing quality local content for empowering the majority rural poor. For this mission he is looking the way to produce educational content on life skill development, youth leadership, popular culture, e-learning ( extended learning ) and e-commerce ( socials entrepreneurship ) development.

Power of Culture,, UnnayanTV, 80plus1, FoucssInfo are my favorite projects. He loves to work with new issue and new person with the objective appreciation of different views and opinion.

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