'Sexxx' is a UK comedy television series, which airs on a Tuesday night[1]. The progamme was launched on 27th November 2012 and consists of seven episodes, and was written by Paul Chaplin. The premise of the show is that of a situation comedy based in a Soho sex shop[2] run by former porn star Ben Dover as the senior partner, played by Lyndsay Honey, with his best friend 'Pauly', played by Chaplin, as his younger and more naive colleague[3]. The theme is loosely based upon the 1970's Open All Hours BBC comedy series[4]. 'Sexxx' is broadcast on satelite television[1] and online[5].

The Cast

  • Lyndsay Honey ... Ben Dover
  • Paul Chaplin ... Pauly Perkins
  • Lyna Korenell ... Katia Radek
  • Anne Marie Davies ... Liza Baker
  • Eileen Daly ... Miss Kitty
  • Grant Huggair ... Jez Butcher
  • Emma Burdett ... Julia Myers
  • Nick Orchard ... Inspector Trent
  • Dean Kilbey ... Toby Jackson


1. Open, First Broadcast: Tue 27th November 2012. Ben and Pauly are unpacking the stock for their new Soho business, preparing for the grand opening. They've yet to figure out what they should do for the big event though, and matters of money aren't helping.

2. Model, First Broadcast: Tue 4th December 2012. Ben and Pauly try to coerce Katia into becoming an in-store Russian model and Ben finds himself well and truly stitched up by the long legs of the law.

3. Booth, First Broadcast: Tue 11th December 2012. Ben and Pauly hatch a plan to introduce a viewing booth to the Sexxx shop. However whilst scouting for dancing girls, Pauly bumps into a familiar face in an unfamiliar place.

4. Vigil, First Broadcast: Thu 13th December 2012. Local feminist Nadine Moss start a campaign against Sexxx in an attempt to save Soho from the adult industry, but it turns out she's not quite as squeaky clean as she'd have everyone believe.


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