Seven "The Artist"

Was born and raised in the beautiful city streets of Europe.

She is a german born singer of mixed asian/mediterranean decent

Which gives her the almost notorious exotic look that everyone seems to love. With the combination of her look & incredible sense of style she has already made herself one of the most talked about new artists of today.

And now FINALLY we can also look forward to an amazing arrangement of music coming soon, that will bring you joy through radio friendly sounds of R&B, Pop, Soul & More.

Seven is an amazing singer & musician that you call one of those REAL talents

We invite you to enjoy the ride & get to know "The Artist" that we call SEVEN!

"...Life is meant to have hopes and dreams we are meant to live and breath in the places we have created with our minds or imaginations. I am here to prove that these things are real and true.

Here lies my manifestation... I am truly enjoying this journey and i hope you will do the same!

Love Always,

7 File:Https:// 3039348068098 2021033442 o.jpg

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