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Wonder of the Worlds By Sesh Heri

Sesh Heri (born 1955) is a theorist, illustrator and an author of fiction and non-fiction. Heri resides in Sacramento, California.


Starting in 1972 and continuing for several years, Heri performed as Mark Twain in his own one-man show under his real name James Pulsifer. This led to appearing as Twain in an advertising campaign for Western Airlines, as well as performing the one-man show for the Delta King riverboat theater in his hometown.

An illustrator, Heri was employed at Marine World briefly as a sketch artist, and illustrated his first novel and the graphic version adapted from it.


Fictional Works

Heri is the author of Wonder of the Worlds (ISBN 0-9727472-8-1), an adventure featuring the scientific theories of Nikola Tesla and Heri himself, in which Tesla and Mark Twain journey to Mars with Harry Houdini to retrieve a crystal stolen by Martian agents. The novel features Tesla technology and Heri's own theory of geomorphology, as well as several illustrations by Heri. Wonder of the Worlds is the first in a trilogy featuring Harry Houdini and Tesla, among other historical figures.

The second book, Metamorphosis, is set in 1915 and features an older Harry Houdini teaming up with Jack London and his wife Charmian against Martian agents and a mysterious organization known as NYMZA that secretly controls the destiny of humankind -- for better or worse. Metamorphosis is a longer and darker second act of an epic trilogy that will conclude in late fall 2009 with The Lost Pleiad.

The Handprint of Atlas

For over twenty-five years, Heri researched and developed his theory of geomorphology, in which he states that the axis of the Earth was artificially set in place by a higher intelligence in order that advanced human life be able to develop. This non-fiction work was released in October 2008. Joseph P. Farrell, Oxford educated PhD and author of Secrets of the Unified Field, Reich of the Black Sun, the Giza Death Star trilogy and Nazi International, called this non-fiction Heri book and its theory 'brilliant'.


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