Sergio Michel is an American musician and actor, controversial public figure and pop culture personality. Sergio was born on April 15th, 1979 in Hoboken, NJ. He is the Grandson of the legendary Hall of Fame athlete Sergio Agusto Michel-Paoli. The Michel family is of noble origins of Danish and Norman roots, having a Coat Of Arms bearing the battle cry, 'Favente Deo Supero' which is Latin for, 'By God's Favor I Conquer'.

In the USA, Sergio is commonly recognized as the host of the popular and hot button Celebrity Boxing Federation. He is also an actor, appearing on Network TV shows as well. As a celebrity, Sergio has been tied to the notorious Drake vs. Chris Brown feud and others including Michael Lohan vs Damon Feldman.

Internationally, Sergio is known as a master rock instrumentalist. His guitar playing, most of all is held in high regard by critics and fans alike. His new release, 'Marry Me, Cindy' is a hard rock/heavy metal work that features elements of many genres of music.

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