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Serafino V. "Jimmy" Cazzani (born September 15, 1959) is a Divisional, North American and National champion powerboat racer. He was born in Sant'Angelo d'Alife, Italy and helped create the hyper speed ocean racer.

Cazzani was one of the first offshore racers to successfully utilize high RPM horsepower rather than low RPM torque in an offshore endurance racing vessel. His combination of short stroke / big bore 8000 rpm Chevrolet big block engines completely contradicted the norm and permitted these boats to achieve a significant leap in speeds and acceleration at a time when supercharging was prohibited and displacement limited by rule.

The high RPM low rotational mass motors he created propelled his team, The American Express, to consecutive Divisional, National and North American Championships in 1989 and 1990. Cazzani was the team owner and throttleman. His accomplishments were chronicled in Propeller, Vapor Trails and Powerboat magazines. In 1990, when competing in New York, Cazzani also appeared as an off-set guest of The Today Show and has had considerable Sport Channel and ESPN coverage when competing on the ocean.

As of 2009, Cazzani is the technical director and a partner in M2 Motoryachts, a company currently prototyping an energy efficient high speed luxo cruiser.

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