Sentric Music is a British independent music publisher specialising in emerging song writers and artists.

Company Profile

Founded in 2006[1], the company is based in Liverpool, England. The company administers the works of over 12000 artists/writers in the UK and around the world [2]. Sentric publish their writers work in the UK via PRS for Music and the MCPS collection societies and in 2010 signed a sub-publishing deal with Downtown Music Publishing for the US territory.

In 2011 the company secured a loan through the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme from Royal Bank of Scotland to recruit additional staff and enhance automation features of its online software to help cope with increasing demand[3].

In May 2012 the North West Fund for Digital & Creative, managed by AXM Venture Capital Limited made an equity investment into Sentric Music.[4] As well as collecting royalties for their writers, Sentric also search for synchronisation opportunities for its signings and has previously synced music on advertisements for the likes of Lexus, O2 Germany and De Montfort University. In 2012 Sentric secured a sync for the artist Kowalski in a campaign for Ballygowan Water in the Republic of Ireland[5][not in citation given]. Sentric also provide music for Channel 5 and its sister stations through a sub-publisher.[citation needed]

Selection of acts currently signed to Sentric Music

Some of the most prominent acts working with Sentric include:

  • Professor Penguin
  • Hold Your Horse Is
  • Catherine A.D.
  • Kowalski
  • Kankouran
  • capac
  • The Red Suns
  • Retro/Grade (Serge Santiago)
  • Gabby Young and Other Animals
  • Gideon Conn
  • Polarbear
  • Room 94
  • David's Lyre
  • Young Runaways
  • The Loud
  • Vinyl Jacket
  • Washington Irving
  • Labyrinth Ear
  • The Key of Atlas
  • Jody Has A Hitlist
  • Crushing Blows

  • Middleman
  • Bos Angeles
  • Yes Cadets
  • Arthur Rigby
  • I Am Austin
  • The Good The Bad
  • I Am In Love
  • Honour Before Glory
  • The Sea
  • Stalking Horse
  • Rokhsan
  • Thomas J Speight
  • Zen Elephant
  • My First Tooth
  • Axis Of
  • Malpas
  • Ice Black Birds
  • Napoleon In Rags
  • What Gorilla?
  • The Thirst
  • Winterhours

Acts signed to Sentric before signing traditional publishing deals


The company has won a number of awards including early success winning the Merseyside Innovation Award in May 2007,[6] as well as being recognised in the Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards 2008.[7] In December 2010 Sentric Music was winner of the Virtual Business Awards 2010.[8][9]

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