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June 24: Nativity of St. John the Baptist in Christianity; Battle of Carabobo Day in Venezuela (1821); National Holiday/Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, Canada

Humber Bridge South Bank2

  • 1622Dutch–Portuguese War: An outnumbered Portuguese force repelled a Dutch attack in the Battle of Macau, the only major military engagement that was fought between two European powers on the Chinese mainland.
  • 1812Napoleonic Wars: The French Grande Armée under Napoleon crossed the Neman River, marking the start of their invasion of Russia.
  • 1932 – A group of military and civilians engineered a bloodless coup in Siam, ending the absolute rule of the Chakri Dynasty.
  • 1981 – The Humber Bridge (pictured) opened, connecting the East Riding of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in England, at the time the longest single-span suspension bridge.
  • 1982British Airways Flight 9 flew into a cloud of volcanic ash thrown up by the eruption of Indonesia's Mount Galunggung, resulting in the failure of all four of its engines. </li> </ul> More anniversaries: June 23 June 24 June 25
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