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June 23: Duanwu/Dragon Boat Festival in East Asian countries (2012); Victory Day in Estonia; Jāņi in Latvia; Grand Duke's Official Birthday in Luxembourg; 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing


  • 1858Edgardo Mortara, a six-year-old Jewish boy, was seized by papal authorities and taken to be raised as a Roman Catholic, sparking an international controversy.
  • 1894 – Led by French historian Pierre de Coubertin, an international congress at the Sorbonne in Paris founded the International Olympic Committee to reinstate the ancient Olympic Games.
  • 1946 – Canada's largest onshore earthquake, measuring 7.3 Mw, struck Vancouver Island, but only caused two casualties since there were no heavily populated areas near its epicenter.
  • 1972Title IX of the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964 was amended (primary author Patsy Mink pictured) to prohibit sexual discrimination in any educational program receiving federal funds, which allowed for huge growth in women's sports for student athletes.
  • 1985 – A bomb attributed to the Sikh separatist group Babbar Khalsa destroyed Air India Flight 182 above the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 329 on board. </li> </ul> More anniversaries: June 22 June 23 June 24
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    af:Wikipedia:Uitgesoekte herdenkings/23 Junie ast:Plantía:Efemérides - 23 xunu bs:Šablon:Na današnji dan/23. juni bg:Шаблон:Начална страница 23 юни ca:Plantilla:Juny 23 cs:Wikipedie:Vybraná výročí dne/23. červen da:Wikipedia:Årets dage kort/23. juni de:Wikipedia:Hauptseite/Jahrestage/Juni/23 el:Πύλη:Κύρια/Επιλεγμένα Γεγονότα/23 Ιουνίου es:Plantilla:Efemérides - 23 de junio eu:Txantiloi:Ekaina 23 fa:ویکی‌پدیا:یادبودهای برگزیده/۲۳ ژوئن ga:Vicipéid:Laethanta roghnaithe/23 Meitheamh gl:Wikipedia:Efemérides destacadas/23 de xuño gan:Wikipedia:許年今日/六月二十三號 ko:위키백과:오늘의 역사/6월 23일 hr:Wikipedija:Izabrane godišnjice/23. lipnja it:Template:PaginaPrincipale/Attualita/23 giugno he:תבנית:היום בהיסטוריה 23 ביוני ka:თარგი:დღის მოვლენები:06-23 lt:Šablonas:Birželio 23 dienos įvykiai ms:Wikipedia:Hari ulang tahun pilihan/23 Jun nl:Sjabloon:Geschiedenis 23 juni no:Mal:Juni 23 pl:Szablon:Rocznice 23 czerwca pt:Wikipedia:Efemérides/23 de junho ro:Format:Aniversările zilei/23 iunie ru:Шаблон:События дня:06-23 sl:Wikipedija:Izbrane obletnice/23. junij sr:Шаблон:Догодило се на данашњи дан/23. јун fi:Malline:23. kesäkuuta sv:Mall:23 juni ta:விக்கிப்பீடியா:ஆண்டு நிறைவுகள்/ஜூன் 23 th:วิกิพีเดีย:วันนี้ในอดีต/23 มิถุนายน tr:Vikipedi:Tarihte bugün/23 Haziran uk:Вікіпедія:Проект:Цей день в історії/23 червня zh-yue:Wikipedia:當年今日/6月23號 zh:Wikipedia:历史上的今天/6月23日

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