Secrets of War (SOW) was an online text-based role-playing game in which you created an army to attack your opponents. There were 20 attacking units and 20 defending units in the game, all with different stats. There were also a wide range of other features and aspects of this game that made it unique. However, the player-base was smaller than most online role-playing games.


Secrets of War was created in 2001 by Casper Bang, under the alias of "Hotcut".

Secrets of War was in 2007 sold by Casper Bang to a group of active players in the game.

Secrets of War was closed in late 2010.

Company information

SecretsOfWar.Net was formed as a company after more than 3 years in the beta stage. During that time the game had been tested and approved by thousands of different players. The input from those players were all considered, and many of the features implemented in the game today was created upon the beta testers input. When the game got out of the beta (testing) stage, the company was formed. All stats in the game remained, and all players kept their accounts. Getting out of the beta stage also meant that new products were sold in the game. Metal and Premium accounts could be purchased in the game. was a free game. The game was solely run by players voluntarily purchasing from the SOW Shop and sponsors purchasing banners and the like.


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