The Secret Society Egos (秘密結社エゴス Himitsu Kessha Egosu?) are the fictional antagonists of the third Super Sentai Series, Battle Fever J. It is a religion of mad egocentrists who intend to plunge the world into chaos.

Satan Egos

Satan Egos (サタンエゴス Satan Egosu?): The mysterious head, entirely draped in black. He is ultimately slain by the Lightning Sword Rocketter.

Commander Hedder

Commander Hedder (ヘッダー指揮官 Heddā Shikikan?) (1 – 51): The high priest of Egos. He later becomes the Hedder Monster and is slain as such by the Battle Fever Squad's new attack, Battle Fever Power.

Commander Hedder was portrayed by Kenji Ushio from episodes 1-7 and Masashi Ishibashi from episodes 9-51.


Salomé (サロメ Sarome?) (19 – 52): An Egos American branch officer who came to Japan to aid Hedder with her super strength. She was killed in the collapsing castle as Satan Egos fled. Her last words were begging Egos to help her.

Salomé was portrayed by Maki Ueda.


Cutmen (カットマン Kattoman?): The foot soldiers in grey and black armed with MP40 machineguns.

Egos Monsters

The Egos Monsters (エゴス怪人 Egosu Kaijin?) are divine children of Egos created by the heart-like Egos Monster Making Machine. Many from episode 5 onward have 'little brother' giant robot doubles.

  • Komori Kaijin (Bat Monster) (1) - Special Weapons or Moves: (Umbrella (hydrocyanide acid and being a bomb). It was disguised as a woman with a red umbrella (Diane Martin) and kills the three highest police officials and Mr. Bossner (Diane's father) with Hydro-cyanide acid. He was finally killed off with Penta-Force.
  • Kibajishi Kaijin (Fang Lion Monster) (2)- (Hitman for hire) Special Weapons or Moves: (Arrow looking Bow) He was with a lady in blue. Kills Meoka's friend, a business man. He was finally killed off by the Penta-Force. Side-notes: Whomever once the monster hits has a red mark on the forehead. The lady in blue vaporizes later.
  • Death Mask Kaijin (3)- Special Weapons or Moves: (Throwing Daggers) She had a human form. She first battled Japan, then the rest of the team. Then she was killed off by the Penta-Force.
  • Nenriki Kaijin (Telekinesis Monster) (4)- Special Weapons or Moves: (Telekinesis Power) Born from an esper. It was finally killed off by the Penta-Force.
  • Buffalo Monster (バッファロー怪人, 5)- Special Weapons or Moves: (Sword) He fought Battle Fever, then was defeated by Penta-Force. Side-Note: Buffalo Robo terrorized the town. Then BFJ Robo sword fought in the sky then it continued on land. Killed off by the twin daggers.
  • Doguu Monster (ドグウ怪人, 6)
  • Fireball Monster (火の玉怪人, 7)
  • Sports Monster (8)
  • Icicle Monster (9)
  • Nauman Monster (10)
  • Cobra Monster (11)
  • Monster Roselinka (12)
  • Egg Monster (13)
  • Galaxy Monster (14)
  • Snail Monster (カタツムリ, 15)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Monster (16)
  • Blue Vein Monster (17)
  • Magnet Monster (18)
  • Notch Tooth Monster (20)
  • Dinosaur Monster (恐竜怪人, 21-22)
  • Ghost Monster (23)
  • Dracula Monster (24)
  • Magic Monster (25)
  • Bandage Monster (26)
  • Black Mask Monster (27)
  • Jellyfish Urchin Monster (28)
  • Mouthcut Monster (29)
  • Strange Food Monster (30)
  • Money Violence Monster (31)
  • Earthworm Monster (32)
  • Eagle Monster (33)
  • Cicada Killer Monster (34)
  • Ancient Fish Monster (コダイギョ怪人, 35)
  • Bomb Monster (36)
  • Four Faced Monster (37)
  • Skull Mushroom Monster (38)
  • Hyde Monster (ハイド怪人, 39)
  • Study Monster (40)
  • Mechanical Doll Monster (41)
  • Electric Monster (42)
  • Rolling Monster (43)
  • Illusion Monster (44)
  • Heart Monster (45)
  • Curse Monster (46)
  • Left Hand Monster (47)
  • Great Thief Monster (48)
  • Fly Trap Monster (49)
  • Ogre Beard Monster (50)
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