Scott Harrison (born 18 September 1973) is a British novelist, scriptwriter, playwright and editor. Between 2002 - 2005 he was writer-in-residence for the York-based professional theatre conmpany The Dreaming. He also co-produced, and occasionally acted in, several of the productions.

He has written a number of audio plays and novels for various Big Finish Productions and is currently editing and writing for a new range of short story anthologies for UK imprint Snowbooks.

In 2012 he created the Alternate Timeline/Steampunk shared universe novel range Tales Of The Iron War which will begin publication in 2013.



  • Blake's Seven: Archangel (2012)
  • The Horus Engines (2013)
  • Cold Earth (2013)

Audio plays

  • The Confessions Of Dorian Gray
    • The Houses In Between (2012)
  • Blake's Seven
    • Epitaph (2013)

Short stories

  • The Wintermachine (2010), in Twelve Days
  • Holding Patter (2011), in Faction Paradox: A Romance In Twelve Parts
  • The Chaos Exhibition (2011), in Voices From The Past
  • The God Of All Machines (2012), in Resurrection Engines
  • (Title Unknown) (2013), in Twisted Histories


  • The Madness From The Sea (2012), in Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology

Stage Plays

  • Eric (2003), (with Lee Harris)
  • A Christmas Carol (2003 & 2010)
  • The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde (2003)
  • The Antipope (2004) (with Lee Harris)
  • The Canterbury Tales (2004)
  • Dracula (2004)
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