Scott F. Wolter is a Minnesota geologist and author best known for his theories and books about the Kensington Runestone, an artefact claimed to be a medieval Scandinavian stone-inscription found near Kensington, Minnesota.

Wolter was hired in 2000 by the Runestone Museum to conduct a forensic geological investigation of the artifact. The Kensington Stone was brought to his company, American Petrographic Services in St. Paul, for the investigation. Using both transmitted and reflected light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and elemental analysis, he and his staff found mica degradation on the man-made surfaces. Wolter reported that his investigation clearly indicated the inscription had weathered at least 200 years after carving.[1] Wolter became intrigued with the Kensington Stone, and based on his geological findings and additional research, has become a dedicated supporter of its authenticity.

In his 2009 book The Hooked X Wolter claims that the stone was made by the Knights Templar in 1362, 50 years after the dissolution of the organization in Europe. He also claims Columbus was a member of the Knights of Christ order and had a map he used to find his way around the West Indies in 1492.[2] Wolter's fellow researcher Dr Richard Nielsen states that "Wolter’s geological theories still remain unproven".[3] Nielsen subsequently rebutted many of the statements in Wolter's 2011 “Report of Digital Microscopic Examination”; according to Neilsen, Wolter had failed to "meet the Popper’s Falsification Criterion, the pre-agreed formula to test Wolter’s results" and had "not presented any replicable evidence that the KRS is at least 200 years old" [4]


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