Yi Chen
Yi Chen
Yi Chen
Status Student, part time Motion Graphics Designer
Hometown Beijing, China


ScorpYIon Corporation is an organization created by a 12 year old boy named Yi Chen. He is inspired by the sound of his name and the word scorpion, and camed up with the name ScorpYIon. It should be read the same way as the word "scorpion". ScorpYIon Corporation consists of a large variety of different categories, from entertainment to documents storage. The organization now has a global public FTP server with over 5 million users. The server is very heavily protected for the safety of the user's data, and the only way to join this server is to directly contact Yi by email or telephone, and granting him the access of monitoring the traffic of the user's computer at any time.

Yi Chen is a 12 year old boy who is currently in 8th grade, Ambrit International School of Rome. He is believed to have special skills in the area of technology. He got the level 8 degree in the Global Junior Programming School at the age of 9, and has solid knowledge over the vocabularies and concepts of Java, C++ and Python. He also uses Bash or AppleScripts to perform small tasks. He is most commonly described as a "Geek" in his school because programming appeared to be his main topic of conversation. Yi also has knowledge over a variety of other subjects: Math, Physics, Economics and Psychology. He considers those subjects nessesary for his career. He now has a steady income from Youtube and he invests them sometimes into stocks.
File:ScorpYIon Corporation 3D Logo.jpg

Yi Chen also has a hobby of film making, and he works with a few famous YouTubers like "freddiew" and "CorridorDigital". He is offered a percentage of their YouTube earnings and frequently participate in their activities.

Despite his skills, Yi seemed to want a normal life. He had said in one of his interviews: "The thing that annoys me the most is when about fifty people tries to interview me on Skype at once."

Yi also has a large variety of interests. For example: military training, sky diving and biking. He consider those sports a good way to relax himself and to take his mind off his work. He has also been discovered with an uncommon condition called "Synesthesia", a visual disorder which enables him to "see to his subconsciousness". There's a link between his subconsciousness and his vision, enabling him to see "whatever he wanted to see". Yi said that it's been useful to him so far, being able to see his thoughts allowed him to have a higher efficiency in math and navigational situations. "There's a difference between seeing a map on paper and seeing them right in front of my eye with real time compass.", said Yi during an interview. "But it does get annoying sometimes"

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