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Like other areas of Pakistan, the residents of Battagram realized the importance of education. Though the older generation especially women have not received formal education themselves, but they are keen to send their children to schools. The first primary school was set up in Battagram city in 1901. There are some government and private schools. The government provides free education to students in its schools. Over the years, literacy rate has increased as there has been a marked increase in the number of enrollments.Degree level colleges also exist in District Battagram.It was one of the worst hit areas in the earthquake of October, 2005. Shumlai is one place in which a large number of buildings including all the schools and a college for boys were destroyed. This major catastrophe did not weaken the spirit of the students and teachers who returned to resume classes under tents and at some places in open air. Many NGOs, UNICEF and foreign agencies helped to rebuild the place. JICA; a Japanese funded project had promised to rebuild the schools in the Battagram District.The students of Battagram can proceed to other parts of the country to acquire professional degrees in Engineering, Medicine and other fields.Progress in education is slow but if continued consistently, it will make a big difference one day.According to a Survey report, Hundreds of Managers, Engineers, and Doctors have gotten their degrees from Highly Ranked Engineering Universities and Medical Colleges. Engr.Akhtar Ayaz Khan

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