"Schola Latina Universalis" is a Latin school on the Internet which teaches Latin as a perennial, living language, and bases its teaching on the famous method composed by Clément Desessard, Lingua Latina sine molestia. Both the method and the school are part of the living Latin revival, and the school has been praised in popular Latin periodicals.[1]

Its courses, active in nature, are addressed to those who want to learn Latin so as to be able not only to read its texts with understanding but also to write it with ease and fluently to speak it in all situations in order to bring it back to active life and everyday usage.

The creator of the school is known as Albinus, and the teacher is the Latinist A. Gratius Avitus.

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  1. Cf. Gaius Licoppe, "Delectationis causa...", Melissa 141 (2007) 1
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