Schmooze Com Inc is a unified communications system provider that builds free and open-source software for communications. The company is the maintainer of the Official FreePBX Distro, FreePBX has over 5 million downloads and an estimated 500,000 active PBX systems.[1][2][3]


Multiple technologies are employed depending on the PBX solution, the core telephony engine in Schmooze PBX products is Asterisk (PBX) and maintained by the Open Source FreePBX GUI .[4][5]

The company works directly with multiple manufactures to integrate PBX phones into the OSS FreePBX Distro. Manufactures include Aastra, Algo, AND, Audiocodes, Cisco, Cyberdata, Digium, Grandstream, Mitel, Panasonic, Polycom, Sangoma, Snom, Xorcom, Yealink. [6]

Schmooze Com Inc, along with Apple, Callware, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Digium was sued in 2011 by Klausner Technologies, Inc for patent issues related to Visual Voicemail.[7]


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