Sceptrophasma hispidulum

Andaman Stick Insect Sceptrophasma hispidulum Genus: Sceptrophasma Species: hispidulum Year: Wood-Mason, 1873 Distribution: Andaman islands PSG# 183

Description: This specie must have both males and females for the ova to hatch. Female will stick their ova just about every where they can. The ova are 0.8 cm long and are of slightly arched form. Ova are rather fragile. It is to better use a brush or a cotton swab soaked with water to take off the eggs. The colors include: brown and bronze orange, with slight shining.

Size: Females get 7cm long, males get 6cm long

Diet: Oak, Beech, Bramble, Raspberry, Rose, Strawberry, Organic Lettuce.

Ova Care: Ova take 2- 3 months to hatch.

Nymph/Adult Care: Place in a ventilated enclosure. Preferably a taller enclosure than a wider one. Spray insects once a day and keep a constant supply of food plant available. Plastic plants can be used for decoration. Their cage should be misted once to twice a day. They take 4 month to grow into adults. Kept at 20-25°C.

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