S.M.S Warsi full form, Sayyad Mohammad Sikandar Warsi Best known as Sikandar Warsi (Urdu: سکندر وارثی, Hindi: सिकन्दर वारसी) was born 18 January 1989 at Shastri Park in Delhi, India. The name given during his Aqeeqah was Naseem. Warsi is a Website Designer and Blog Expert, He is a Sunni Muslim and he is Sayyad (Ahl-e-Bait) by Cast. He is owner of the websites of Sayyad Zada Group and Mahakta Aanchal Website. Warsi follows Imam Abu Hanifa means he is Hanafi. And he believe on Ahl e Sunnat Wal Jamaat and loves Alahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi.


Before & Now

Before Warsi was a Local Delhi Male Model. He was born in Delhi and Education also in Delhi. Warsi kindergarten started in Zakir Hussain College. His frist stage in a Ramp Show in C.P when he was in IInd grade. Where he perform as a Model. Since then, modeling was not a passsion for him. At the age of 12 he joined T.P.C.E.C where he continued his studies form a Govt. School at Shastri Park (Delhi). He was selected in his tuition center(T.P.C.E.C) as a president. Warsi’s cleared his 10th grade in 14 year of age. He has always been the younger boy in the class because of his Hairstyle.
Now Warsi has left Modeling, because modeling is HARAM in the Islam, so he said, "I will never ever work and I'll stay away from that job, which is not allowed in Sharia. Now I want to live according to Shariat. I am ashamed of my past sins, I should not forget, that I am a Muslim". and now he is doing a job in a News Network as a Computer operator and Web designer, in Connaught Place. After office he spends his more time in learning & Reading Hadees, Fiqh, Tafseer and more...

Education & Career

Warsi’s cleared his 10th grade in 14 year of age. Then he went Govt. Sr. Sec. School for 12th. After 12 he join Zakir Hussain College (Eve.). But in college he did not read much, and have failed in their first year. And had to leave college. To continue his further education he got admission in Delhi University. For B.A. Warsi wanted be a VJ. Now he want to continue his work, (Website Designing) and right now, he is doing a job in Global News Network as a Computer operator and Web designer, in Connaught Place.

Family Background

Warsi live with his family in his owner house named Warsi House in Delhi. His father Sayyad Mohammad Ilyas Warsi and mother Rahees Jahan. He has two brother Named Warseem Warsi and Samad Warsi(Faiz) and three Sisters, Warsi's family is Mureed of Waris Pak of Deva Sharif. Then they called Warsi, Warsi's family is a Sunni and believe in Auliya, and Mazarat, and Niyaz-Fatiha, his family also believe on Maslak-e-Alahazrat.

Religious View

Warsi is a dogmatic Muslim for Women about Hijab (Cover from Hair to Toe) and he is a dogmatic Sunni. The most important Qur'anic verse relating to hijab is sura 24:31 , which says,

And order the Muslim women to lower down their sights a little and guard their chastity and show not their adornment but as much which is itself apparent and remain putting their head coverings over their bosoms. And disclose not their adornment but to their husbands, or to their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or to their or the of sons husbands or their brothers or the sons of their brothers or the sons of their sisters or the women of their religion or their handmaids who are the property of their hands or servants provided they are not men of sexual desire or the children who are unaware of the private parts of the women; and put not their feet forcibly on the ground that hidden adornment may be known. And repent to Allah, O Muslims all together, haply you may get prosperity

He is a follower of Abu Hanifa and he follows the Warsi (Qadiri) Sufism order, and He is always against Wahhabi, Deobandi, etc...
He received his early islamic education under the tutorship of his preceptor (Unknown). And the study of the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and Shyari under the guidance of her.

He believes

  • Muhammad, although human, possessed a Noor (Light) that predates creation. This contrasts with the Deobandi view that Muhammad was insan-e-kamil ("the complete man"), a respected but physically typical human.
  • He is haazir naazir (can be present in many places at the same time, as opposed to God, who is everywhere by definition).
  • Allah has granted him ilm-e-ghaib (the knowledge of the unseen)
  • Allah has made him mukhtaar kul (having the authority to do whatever he desires)

Sayyad Zada Group


Sayyad Zada Logo

Sayyad Zada (Hindi:सय्यद ज़ादा, Urdu:سیّد زادہ) is a Islamic Msg Group of Warsi. This group provide free Islamic sms on your phone in all over India like, Hadees, and Masail etc. This is a Balevi Movement, every body can join this group on Mobile, just one time send a simple sms type Sayyad_Zada and send to 9219592195 suddenly you will receive a Welcome msg, (you can join this group between 9:00 AM to 9:oo PM). then you will receive daily one or two free sms on your phone.


1. What is Sayyad Zada Group

  • Sayyad Zada is a Islamic group which provide Deeni msg free of cost.

2. Why Should we join Sayyad Zada

3. What's the benefit to join this

  • There are many benefits, like: you can know Hadis, Quran, Important Mas'ale. at your home. Ladies can also learn and teach their children. or Big benefit this is Under running by Sahi-ul-Aqida Sunni Members. This group believes on Ahle-Sunnat Imam Ahmed Raza.

4. How can I join Sayyad Zada Group

  • Just simple type from your phone Sayyad_Zada send it to 9219592195

5. How can I Leave this Group

  • type Leave Sayyad_Zada and send it to 9219592195

6. I am not able to join this group

  • You can join this group between 9.AM to 9.PM, then if you are not able to join this group, means you are in DND list (Do Not Disturb) type STOP 0 send it to 1909. after 4-5 days you can join Sayyad Zada.

Sayyad Zada Facebook

Sayyad Zada Official Facebook named Sayyad Zada Ahle Sunnat, you can like this group & be a member of Sayyad Zada. On this official page you can read Mas'ale with tafseel, Hadis, Naat and more..

खुल्द में होगा हमारा दाखिला इस शान से

या रसूल अल्लाह का नारा लगते जायेंगें

तेरी नस्ले-पाक में है बच्चा बच्चा नूर का

तू है ऐन-ए-नूर तेरा सब घराना नूर का

Sayyad Zada Website

Sayyad Zada Official Website named is a Hindi Islamic website under running by Warsi. On this website you can see and read Hadees, Ahle sunnat view in the light of Quran & Hadees, and read all (past) sms of Sayyad Zada Group. and you can also read Mas'ale on Wuzu, Ghusl, Namaz, Roze in Hindi, and you can read complete (Naatia Deewan) Hadaiq e Bakhshish (by Ahmed Raza) & Nazrana e Bakhshish (by Warsi) in Hindi first time on website.

Nazrana e Bakhshish

Nazrana e Bakhshish (Hindi:नज़राना ए बख्शिश, Urdu:نذرانہء بخشش) is a (unpublished) Poetry book (Naatia Kalam) of Warsi. that specifically praises the Islamic prophet Muhammad (صلاللٌاہ علیہ وسلم). Many of the famous scholars in the earlier days of Islam wrote Naat. People who recite Naat are known as Naat-Khua'an or Sana'a-Khua'anthere. There are two examples of Asha'ar from Nazrana e Bakhshish By Warsi.

...यूँ क़यामत में हो इरशाद कहाँ है "सय्यद"

लाओ नज़राना ए बख्शिश हमे सुनाने को...

...कौन पूछे तेरी नज़राना ए बख्शिश "सय्यद"

एक काफी थी इस उम्मत में हदाइके बख्शिश...

Famous Poetry Books are:

Book Name Writer
≈≈ Hadaiq e Bakhshish ≈≈ Alahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan
≈≈ Saman e Bakhshish ≈≈ Mustafa Raza Khan (Alahazrat's Son)
≈≈ Wasail e Bakhshish ≈≈ Ilyas Attar Qadri
≈≈ Nazrana e Bakhshish ≈≈ Sayyad Md Sikandar Warsi

Mahakta Aanchal


Mahakta Aanchal Hindi Family Magazine

Mahakta Aanchal (Hindi:महकता आँचल, Urdu:مهكتا آنچ) is a Hindi(Urdu) Family Magazine in India. Mahakta Aanchal Book owner is Ghazala Siddiqui, Mahakta Aanchal Website Blog of Facebook under running by SAZ Group (Warsi).
Warsi write on Facebook: Welcome: महकता आँचल की वेबसाइट और अकाउंट से गजाला सिद्दीकी का कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है, वह केवल बुक की मालकिन हैं. और ये अकाउंट और वेबसाइट महकता आँचल के चाहने वालो के लिए साज़ ग्रुप (SAZ Group) के द्वारा चलाये जा रहे है. जिसके Owner सिकंदर वारसी हैं . Warsi and Ghazala Siddiqui are not relative

No. Follow Us
1 Mahakta Aanchal Official Website
2 Mahakta Aanchal Official Blog
3 Mahakta Aanchal Official Twitter Page
4 Mahakta Aanchal Official Facebook Page

SAZ Group of Engg.

Slogan: We do not share our privacy.

SAZ Group of engineering (S@A Group) SAZ Stants for Sayma Khan, Amir Sheraz, Zaiba Khan
Saz group is a group who makes website and blogs for Warsi. Warsi all websites and blogs under running by SAZ Group. Means SAZ group is a personal Sowfwere Engineer/Site Maker/Website Designer of Warsi.
SAZ Group found by Sayma khan (Site Maker of Warsi) in 2010. She is playing lead roll in this group. Means she is leader of SAZ Group of engg. We are expert in
Work on all web space
Work on all blog space
Work on all S.N.S (Twitter) Makes ranking #1 in google etc....

Sayma Khan

Sayma Khan is founder of SAZ Group of engg. and site maker. She is Web Engineer of Warsi. Who makes and Create Design to website for him. Warsi All websites and blogs Build and design by Sayma Khan. His Social Networking Site (Facebook, Twitter, Ibibo) under running By Sayma Khan. Two famous websites of Warsi By Sayma Khan Are.. |

Zaiba Khan

Zaiba Khan is sister of sayma khan and a software engg. too. She works on all blog of warsi and wallpapers site. Warsi Warsi News Website under running by Zaiba khan. 8 months ago. Zaiba build a site of Funny hindi news about Warsi URL Was (now closed). Warsi more photo gallery website like: is also made by Zaiba and under running too.

Sanam Mayur

Sanam Mayur is member of Saz group of engg. Born Delhi education also in Delhi. She works for photoshoot in Modeling show for Saz group. Warsi mostly Wallpapers Edit and Design By Sanam Mayur. She is persona photographer and editor of Warsi.

Member List

Member list of SAZ Group of Engineering

No. Name Designation
1 Sayma Khan Founder/Leader/Web Designer
2 Amir Sheraz SEO Expert
3 Zaiba Khan Sayma's Sister & Bloging Expert Site
4 Sanam Mayur Photographer of Editor
5 Aisha Siddique Member
6 Rafat Malik Member

External Links

Official Website
Personal Website
Official Blog
Official Twitter Page
Official Facebook Page
Website For News
Website For Wallpapers [2]
Website For Photo 2012 Website For Portfolio
Controversial Images

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