Sasson Sarooei

Sasson Sarooei was destined to fulfill dreams. At a young age, he fulfilled his father’s dream that he attend college in London as political turmoil engulfed his homeland. After immigrating to the United States in the early 1980s, Sasson began to fulfill his personal dream of applying his computer and technical skills to solve complex business problems. Today, as president of California-based Navazon, a leader in software development, Sasson is helping medium to large companies fulfill their dreams for greater profitability and growth with the introduction of an innovative fulfillment program that sets a new benchmark within the direct response industry. The inspirational life story and diverse career path of Sasson Sarooei were the building blocks that converted dreams to reality and fueled his company’s newest and most sophisticated creation to date.

Navazon’s Direct Results Fulfillment a fulfillment software system specifically created for medium-size businesses that ship hundreds of packages daily, incorporates a multi channel marketing program to simultaneously track an infinite number of offers and continuity programs. Direct Results Fulfillment is unique in that it is a fulfillment software program that has grown out of years of perfecting earlier systems for a wide range of medium and large clients, reports Sasson. “When I started writing this latest program, I had the opportunity to build a comprehensive system that included the wish list of all my previous clients, all of the best features available in other fulfillment software systems currently on the market, plus all the features that I, as both a marketer and programmer ever wanted.” The result is a highly flexible, easy to use system that sets a new standard in fulfillment software design.

Sasson’s newest venture is an outgrowth of a wealth of career experience gathered over nearly thirty years. Forging business alliances with such direct response industry giants as PRTV and most recently Wealth Systems as well as heading Zero 360 Marketing, an online consulting firm which offers marketing guidance to businesses competing in the busy online marketplace, Sasson’s professional achievements are testament to his tenacious drive to maximize bottom line profitability by fusing highly sophisticated technology with marketing savvy. His success in direct response marketing and software development is also a byproduct of a life shaped by a series of difficult hurdles overcome by hard work, willpower and sheer determination. A turbulent political revolution in his native Iran demanded nothing less. Born into an upper-class family living on the Persian Gulf, Sasson’s privileged lifestyle ended abruptly in February 1979 when the country’s ruling family was overthrown. Following his father’s advice, seventeen-year-old Sasson fled to London to pursue college studies in math, engineering and computer science. Three years later, his parents and sisters made a traumatic, perilous escape from Iran, smuggling themselves out by way of Pakistan with little more than the clothes on their backs. Sasson and his family joyfully reunited in Madrid with their lives intact, but faced an uncertain economic future.

Joining other family members in Southern California in 1983, the twenty-two-year-old Sasson who hoped to complete his college education was frustrated to learn that much of his course work from London would not transfer. Dedicated to his family’s welfare, he made a practical decision and has never looked back. “As the only son of an immigrant family, I needed to find work and work hard to help support my parents and sisters.” Within a year, Sasson landed his first professional position as a computer programmer for National Health Products and began creating fulfillment software, a program that had to be painstakingly built from the ground up because it was not yet available for purchase.

While still at National Health, the entrepreneurial-minded Sasson turned his family’s garage into a workshop at night and on weekends, building computers for businesses and personal use. The venture paid off with the creation of MicroTree, Inc., which provided computer hardware and software consulting to a broad range of businesses both small and large—banks, hospitals, real estate and loan agencies, accounting and law firms, engineering firms, retail outlets, manufacturers and distributors. The experience gained from MicroTree would be invaluable in teaching the young computer programmer how to help large and small businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals.

Throughout his career, Sasson has worked closely with some of the best minds in the direct response industry, an integral factor in the success of both Navazon and Direct Results Fulfillment. The late Mike Levy, founder of Positive Response Television (PRTV)—producers of the enormously successful Amazing Discoveries and Ask-Mike infomercials in the 1990s—was particularly influential in helping Sasson capitalize on the rapidly growing direct response marketplace. “Mike was always on the cutting edge of new technology, and was brilliant at figuring out how to harness the latest technology to drive business,” says Sasson. Joining PRTV as Information Technology vice president in 1994, Sasson took responsibility for the company’s fulfillment, accounting and telemarketing systems. He designed the software that precisely tracked the response rates of new campaigns and the myriad of offers associated with such heavy hitters as Auri Gold Car Polish (featured in a legendary infomercial where Mike Levy lit the hood of a Rolls Royce on fire and then restored the damaged car’s sheen with Auri Gold). Such products generated millions in revenues and set new records in direct response marketing. During his tenure at PRTV, Sasson and Levy witnessed the birth of the internet and immediately began exploring how to put the new technology to work as a source of profit making. PRTV pioneered the introduction of a rudimentary shopping cart for internet purchases, changing the way much of the world purchases everything from cookware to exercise equipment, books and health care supplements.

Capitalizing on the entrepreneurial lessons he learned from Levy and other top guns in direct response marketing over the years, Sasson’s newest venture stands apart from its competitors in several key areas. First, because Direct Results Fulfillment was created with a scalable platform that uses the latest technology, the system is the most flexible in the industry. “This means that a marketer can test an infinite number of offers and continuity programs simultaneously with the ability to add and tweak offers as often as needed to achieve maximum profitability,” says Sasson. “Other software programs lack that capability. Another key advantage is that Direct Results Fulfillment is very intuitive and easy to learn, and is immediately operational. That means very little need for training manuals. We understand the importance of this type of software that runs every aspect of fulfillment. That’s why every Direct Results Fulfillment client is assigned an account engineer who understands the intricacies of the software and how to maximize it to meet the individual marketing needs of a particular company. There is a lot of hand holding to make sure our customers get exactly what they need out of this new system.”

The way Sasson sees it, his product is an order processing system designed for marketers by marketers. A proven track record with a leading direct response marketer gives Sasson good reason to confidently tout his newest software innovation. Direct Results Fulfillment was hatched and perfected within Wealth Systems, a leader among distributors of real estate investment and other revenue opportunities. On a weekly basis the Chatsworth, California firm ships thousands of training kits, newsletters and educational videos to customers nationwide. A major part of Wealth System’s success can be attributed to the Direct Results Fulfillment software, which allows the company’s marketing team to quickly revise and create the offers needed to sustain and grow profitability. At any given time, Wealth Systems is testing two to three offers on multiple products and campaigns.

This newest business venture—a project perfected over seven years—reflects Sasson’s inner drive to remain focused on the task at hand, while nurturing relationships based on trust and a commitment to excellence. That’s not to say that all of his endeavors meet with the same level of success. “I’ve achieved nearly all my dreams except for one. I still play the piano very badly after many years of practice,” he admits. Not one to give up easily, however, he adds with a grin, “Let’s just call the piano a work in progress.”

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